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  • Before I get started, I want to make sure I emphasize that my “general” comments about the media are not meant to be a “blanket ” statement.  There are plenty of great people in the Media that do not lean far left.  I heard an ABC news commentator as a guest of  Media Buzz say, ” you can say that the media leans left for sure.”  In my opinion that is like saying, “Atomic bombs can be harmful to humans.”


Much of what I will share and believe is based on over 10 years of calling on every major newspaper and many TV stations in the southern U.S. and watching the media for my entire life.  With that said, here goes;


In my experience, the vast majority of publishers, editors, reporters and a fair number of photographers at major newspapers are on the left end of the political scale, the higher you go in authority, usually, they go further left.  This trend does not seem to be as prevalent in the photography ranks. If you lean left  this is no issue for you, if you lean right this is a real aggravation to you!


It is rather obvious, to anyone that is not unconsious, that our country is now pretty bitterly divided around 50/50 –  left/right.  So if you are wondering why the national main-stream media is reacting to the Trump administration the way they are, here are my thoughts.


The Main Stream Media, (here after the, MSM) was in the tank for Hillary.  They assisted her campaign in every conceivable way, and they rarely asked her the tough questions, she should have been asked.   They supplied questions in advance for debates, and lobbed her softballs in all the debates. Further, they found every possible fault with Trump.  Once Trump secured the nomination, they were certain Hillary had the election locked up, and made fun of Trump as a candidate, at every possible opportunity.  On election night they all celebrated what was surely to become major victory for the democrats, and the first woman president!


As the evening went on and Trump started to win state after state the MSM had predicted for Hillary, the dissapointment and embarrassment was in full view.  By the time Trump started to run away with the electoral college, tears were shed on the MSM, announcers had their faces buried in the hands and many ugly, nasty comments were made. The disgust was in full view, and for those that elected their choice, it was fun to watch them eat crow,  and for the losers, the war was on.


Why dose the MSM hate Trump?  


1.  He stands for everything they hate.


 2.  He embarrassed them with his win, actually they embarrassed themselves by assuming that the country couldn’t possibly feel differently than they did.  They really don’t get the middle of America!


3.  Trump was fully aware of all they did to try to defeat him, so when he was elected he didn’t cow tow to them like all other presidents have, and that angered them even more, and the  hate on their part, increased exponentially!    


4. Trump, being Trump, saying exactly what he thought, (not a deceptive politician, like they were used to dealing with), he was quick to show his disdain for them and their methods!  The coddled MSM was now back on their heels and being called out for all their lies and deceptive reporting.  Something new for them, and not much fun!


5.  Finally, worst of all, Trump was not afraid of them and refused to play the press relations game the way it had always been done.   He tweeted  directly to the American people cutting out the MSM, and at press conferences, Sean Spicer and Trump called it like they saw it and the MSM could not belive they were not being highy respected.


Can anything be done?  Sure, the MSM can grow up and look at themselves introspectively, admit to themseves and the public that they didn’t want Trump to be elected and did all kinds of underhanded, dishonest things to accomplish their goals.  Probably a fat chance of that!  They could get honest and not be so advisareal and try to actually report the facts and not with a left leaning agenda.  If they hope to survive, this is the minimum thing they can do.  Their ratings are dropping like a rock.


My concern is the mood of our nation.  When Obama was elected, those of  us that did not vote for him, went back to work on Wednesday.  I think you know, we didn’t riot, hold demonstations, burn cars, throw paint, bust out windows.  We didn’t hold hate signs and vow we would never accept him as president, we didn’t do that after he was elected for a second time either.  We weren’t happy about it, but we accepted it.  We didn’t need a safe space or a  puppy, we’re grown ups!  We wanted him to succeed,  if it would make America better.


My prayer is that our country can remember we are all Americans and work together to make our country better!  See I didn’t even tweak you guys on the other side with the slogan, see, I’m trying to do my part!




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So sorry, I’ve been asleep at the switch!  For the past several days I’ve been deeply involved in family issues.  The short story,  is my son Wesley, (above), checked into the emergency room on Friday morning,  pale as a ghost and weak.  I joined him there and after a morning of tests it was determined he had lost over 4 pints of blood.   An immediate series of tests were done to find the point of bleeding, and start transfusions.  Some years ago I was in that same emergency room with a GI bleed in almost as bad a shape as Wes.  Unforutnately there was no evidence of a bleed, which led to the more feared possibilty of some form of blood cancer.  Over the weekend and into Tuedsay, (yesterday),  we waited to hear what we feared was going to be bad news.  A lot prayers went up and we placed it in God’s hands.


When we met with his hematologist yesterday she said it was a puzzle, in all the tests, lymph node removal, bone marrow extraction, and tons of blood work they could find no sign of Lymphoma.  More tests will now follow, but I trust it was an answered prayer, whatever issue casued the loss of the blood, I’m confident will be found and treated.  I wanted to post about this and ask for prayers, but Wes insisted we know what were battling before I went public.  Well we still don’t know for sure, but your prayers for Wes would be coveted and appreciated.  His level  had dropped all the way to 3 normal is 15 to 16, after 5 units of blood he was up to 8 and the next day he had gone up another one and half to 9.5!  We were all waiting to see how much it would drop!  Score one for my Heavenly Father.  Stay tuned and I will keep you up to speed!



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Sadly our planned night photography workshop in Arches has to be cancelled!  Got a note this morning from the Park that they will be doing road construction from March 2017 to November 2017 and the park will be closed in the evening from 7:00 p.m and not open again until 7:00 am. pretty much killing some key shooting times and making night photography from within the park impossible!  I am looking at other possible locations and will advise those signed up soon, if we cannot replace the location we will refund deposits.


This brings me to a “potential” decision.  In recent years I’ve found it all but impossible to work with many of the parks we attend, fees get higher and the paper work much more involved.  One park asks for a detailed plan for waste disposal.  I jokingly put on the paper work I use the park provided restrooms, they didn’t find it humorous, I did!  All parks now require a financial report at the end of each year asking what my gross income was from workshops. I requested to know the total cost of office supplies from one park, per year, once again, the joke was lost on them!  I’m certain that the plans are being laid to charge workshop companies a fee based on what they gross, no thanks, not going to take part in that!  Last time I checked the National Parks belong to us, and the people that administer them work for us, the American people. With the exception of the Great Smokies, Acadia and Zion N.P. who all have continued to be very workshop friendly,  I’m seriously considering reducing my National Park workshops down to a minimum in the future.  In my humble oninion we need to drain the swamp faster, and I’m not talking about the Everglades!



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Our numbers for the Old Car City event to benefit St. Judes Children’s Hospital is small.  I really want to make a contribution to this great orginization and $595. is a killer low cost for this great location!  We will be a small group and obviously you will get lots of personal attention, please consider joining us!



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Tomorrow night I will be at the Chattanooga Camera Club, hope to see my friends  from that area then!!!


Saturday the 18th all day class at Grace On The Hill in Corbin!


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See you out there!!!!




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Thursday, February 16th I will be joining my friends at the Chattanoogs Camera Club.  For more info contact them at:


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On February 18th I will be holding an all day class at Grace on the Hill in Corbin, Kentucky,  this is my usual $99. class for $25, all funds going to the church building fund.  All students will also get my $24.95 set of Foundational Series eBooks!  So the class is sorta free!!!  To register call Gus Clouse @ (606)-528-6840


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From February 23rd to the  26th I will be joining Bill Pekala and a lot of my ISAP (International Association of Aviation Photographers) buddies to make images at the Bone Yard in Tucson Arizona (Mothem Davis Air Base) where thousand of airplanes are stored in the desert!  I will be posting images and adventures from this great trip!


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March 2-4,  I will be joining Jack Graham appearing at the Fujifilm booth at the trade show of the North American Nature Photographers Association Summit! In Jacksonville, Florida.


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March 17-18 I will be speaking for Fujifilm about the X-Series at the Bedford Camera Photocon in Oklahoma City, OK.

Contact      for more info!


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March 20-26 Resting, relaxing with my beautiful bride, and testing some new Fujifilm gear in Aruba! I will be posting from there during that week!


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March 30-April 3 – Another Fujifilm Event in Austin Texas at Bedford Camera.  Three great days of classes and shooting,  You can get more info at:


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The First of our great Fuji Summits in the Great Smokies, all the info is at:


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Join us at Old Car City to help St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, all profit, 100% goes to St. Judes, and have a blast with old rusty art with Jim Haverstock and I!  Notice a special reduced price $595.!!!!


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April 26-30 join Jack Graham and myself in the Great Smokies and knock off the Winter Rust!


That covers all the events up to May 1st!




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We will really miss you,  if you can’t join us!




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