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I’m not a tree hugger, don’t get me wrong, I love the creation, but I worship the Creator. In any group there are those that go way to far to the edge, (in my estimation). Some folks actually worship the natural world, it is, in affect, their religion. Please don’t count me as part of that club. I do think that God shows His magnificence in the creations of His world. I’ve never seen a jewel or string of pearls as beautiful as dew drops on a summer morning, but then that’s just me. I’m pretty sure my wife would rather have some diamonds or pearls for her birthday than a string of dew drops!

I’m not a great close-up photographer, but I plan to get a lot better at it, it is a part of nature photography I’ve been saving for years to get serious about someday, that day is coming soon.
When I do look deeply into the natural world up close and personal, I see God. I think His grand plan reveals itself the closer we look at the designs of His hand. As I said, I don’t do near enough of this kind of photography, but every time I do I have a spiritual experience. I’m not getting all new age on you, I just marvel at the beauty of His world when examined carefully.

Let me share just a few close-ups and see if you see what I’m seeing?! Enjoy

the pilgrim

Photo notes: All images with Micro Nikkor lenses, 105mm and 200mm.

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Yesterday I talked about how Scott Kelby came to my rescue. Well isn’t God fantastic! Today I got an email from my dear friend and shooting buddy, Vinny Colucci. It turns out that a seminar he had scheduled for July 24th in Greensboro, North Carolina was in trouble, his presenter Bob Krist had a conflict in his schedule and couldn’t make it. His question to me was could I step in for Bob.
First I love Bob Krist, he is the best travel shooters out there, in my estimation, and I don’t know if I
could draw for Vinny like Bob could, but how could I say anything but, count me in……

Part of our walk with the Lord is proving we mean it when we say we will step up to the plate when He calls on us. When Vinny needs my help, God is calling. Vinny has been a real friend through thick and thin and I wouldn’t let him down. I don’t usually announce places I’m doing workshops in this blog. I don’t want the focus to be off of the faith aspect of this site, but this is place where faith and actions meet. Faith and action. Faith is the key to waiting on and listening for God’s voice. Action is often what he calls us to. When I discussed starting this blog with a dear friend at Nikon, it was discussed that while my faith is real, taking this action (writing a blog about my faith), could ruffle some feathers. While that would never be my intention, it could happen. So the question is what would you do?

When I took the job as a PMTR, (Professional Markets Tech Rep), at Nikon I told my boss and friend, Bill Pekala that before I agreed to take the job he needed to know what my priorities would be. God, Family, Friends and Nikon, in that order. I told him I would give him 110% effort for Nikon but I wouldn’t sacrifice numbers 1 through 3 under any circumstance. I’m eight years in and it hasn’t been a problem, if it ever was, I would walk away without complaint.

God doesn’t want 110% effort or a big part of your life, He wants it all.

the pilgrim

*Photo info: Sparks Lane in early morning fog Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. D700, 24-70 @ about 35mm.

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In this blog you have heard me sing the praises of Scott Kelby on several occasions. Scott is one of the most talented, funny, engaging people I’ve ever known. There should be a law against having as many talents as Scott does. He is an acknowledged Photoshop (Adobe) expert and incredible teacher of these programs. Scott is a truly talented shooter and a kick butt musician. Last year, as you may recall, Scott pulled the GAPW’s fat from the fire by doing a workshop with me that allowed us to pay off a very large debt. Scott would except no compensation, even refusing to let me pay for his flight up to Savannah. A friend is someone that, at your lowest moment, shows up with his sleeves rolled up, ready to do anything he can to help. Scott Kelby more than fills that bill. If that were not enough, I’m honored to call him a close friend.

The real benefit from last years workshop was the great friendships that were made during the weekend. Most workshops involve some personal attachment, I should know, I’ve taught over 400. This one though, was something very special. The group was a conglomeration of great people from all walks of life and interests. This group came hungry to learn and as always Scott Kelby was in top form. No one left disappointed. We had such a great time that we are holding a Reunion event in early October in Moab, Utah. So far it appears that over 90% of the original group will come back for this get together.

My father once told me that to have a friend you have to be a friend. Jesus told us to treat others as you would want to be treated. If you want friends, this is a pretty good formula. When it is all said and done, possessions and accomplishments will pale in comparison to the few friends we can claim at the end of our days here on earth. Thanks Scott for making my cup run over.

the pilgrim

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The image above is one of my favorites. It was made over 30 years ago. This is my middle son,
Wesley. We took the kids to a state park close by and you can see the sheer joy on his face being in the outdoors. I was talking to Wes not long ago and I asked him why he has such a great love for the outdoors, (he and his family are avid hikers and campers). He reminded me of all the great times Sherelene and I provided him and his brother and sister on trips to the outdoors.

Often we don’t know what a big impact the simplest things will make on our children. All my kids are grown and have children of their own, my six grandchildren. All our family are outdoors folks, and all the grandchildren are too. I never realized that Sherelene and I were laying down such a strong tradition.

Everything we do and say influences someone, usually more than we realize. This is why I want so badly to exemplify His Love in my life. I know sometimes I fail, but it is always my goal. Being imperfect and attempting to approach perfection may seem like a senseless goal. The reality is we don’t have to do it alone. He promised that if we dedicated ourselves to Him, He would provide the power we do not have. It’s a good thing, because without Him I couldn’t even get close to my goal.

It’s not for me though, it’s for the little fellow sitting on the rock, and now his children and Scott’s and Catherine’s as well. It’s worth the effort………

the pilgrim