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I seldom drink, usually when I do just a little glass of wine, but I love bars. Don’t get me wrong, bars could get you in a lot of trouble, and I’m sure more than a few lives have been ruined in them, but you have to agree, they could teach a lot of churches a thing or too about being friendly…… O.K. before anyone flips out, I’ve had alcoholics in my family and I’ve seen the tragedy that can bring. Like any drug, alcohol can destroy a life, destroy a family, but a lot people that choose not be a Christian do so because they think Christians are just not any fun. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m tons of fun. I love life, I love to laugh, I love to fellowship with Christians and non Christians as well. Jesus spent most of His time hanging out with people the “church people” looked down on. He knew who needed Him, and He made himself available to them, we need to do the same.

I can’t and won’t attempt to speak for everyone, but as for me, I don’t think having a glass of wine or a beer is a sin, I do think drinking until you can’t drive, or work, or take care of your family is. One good point is that if you never take the first drink you’ll likely never let it get out of hand, and that’s true, but some people can, and do, and I can see no problem with that.

When Richard Small and I and later Mike Anskat and I went to Bodie, we stopped in Rhino’s Bar and Grill to have a couple of lunches. I thought the signs, and the things the bar payed respect to, all were pretty interesting. I had a few laughs, joined with the others to honor law enforcement, and the military. Hey a bar owner that supports all that can’t be all bad. I hope you enjoy these images and you find some people this friendly on your next trip.

Share His love and show forgiveness, remembering it was offered to you long ago when you needed it……. Smiles and Blessings,

the pilgrim

When a hated tax collector asked Jesus to come and eat with him in his home, Jesus went, and lives were changed forever. If we walk with Him, and for Him, we have nothing to fear……..

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I awoke this morning from a dream, as I laid in bed wondering why I had the dream it became clear that it was not for me, but to be shared. God has a message for someone out there, the only thing I can be is obedient and share what came to me. I have no idea why I’m sharing this, but God does and I want to do as He asks. He is assuring me that it is for someone that reads this blog.

Here is the dream. I dreamed that some relatives were visiting at our house when a big storm hit blowing over some trees. The winds were so strong they actually uprooted large trees in our yard.
While walking though the house I found one of my older Aunts weeping and in dispair, she has lost her husband some time back and was still unable to recover from the loss. I asked if I could help her and she angrily reacted that no one cared, that everyone was tired of her continued suffering.
While that was not true, family members were running low on patience as her recovery had been drawn out over a very long period of time. I didn’t know what to say, I knew how she was feeling.
When I lost my father I experienced much the same event in my life. I was very close to my father, he was my role model, the man I wanted to be like, and always felt I could never live up to what he was. As I thought about that time in my life God started to give me something to share with her.
Her loss had been like the fate of those mighty trees that were uprooted by the wind.

This is what He gave me for her. I told her that the kind of loss she had experienced was devastating and it was normal to feel the great emptiness she was feeling, it was nothing to be ashamed of. I shared with her that I wanted her to imagine, if she could talk with her husband one more time, what would he say to her? I could tell she was really thinking about it and then she said, “ I think he would ask me not to suffer, that he was in a better place, that it grieved him to see me this torn up.” I knew that was what God wanted her to know. Then He gave me this to share. I told her I believed she was right that, that is exactly what he would say. I told her that I also believed that she still has work to do here. When we are suffering from loss we are looking inward at the pain we feel, the emptiness we experience. When we are going through that we can’t reach out and be of help to others, we are too focused on ourselves. While this is normal for a period, over time it is destructive, not only to us, but to any service we might be to others that need us.

I told her she had children and grandchildren that loved her and needed her wisdom and love and that they too were suffering watching her be in so much pain. They understood, but missed the person that was now bound in a prison of grief. I told her it was time to ask God to set her free, free to serve him and her family. In giving love to others we regain the love we’ve lost. Life is not about us, it’s about Him and those He sends us out to love and minister to. It’s time to start climbing the stairs to recovery. I believe I could see in her tear filled eyes that she was ready to take the first step up.

I will be traveling all day Monday and will not get home until 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, so this will serve as my post for Tuesday. I don’t know why this dream came to me, but the longer I laid in bed thinking about it the more I was being urged by God to get up, unpack the computer and get it down while it was fresh in my mind and in my heart. If you are suffering, whoever you are, know two things; (1) God loves you and His plan for you is for your good and the good of others around you. (2) Loss hurts, but with His love you can and will recover and go on to make a difference in the lives of others. God understand loss better than any of us could ever imagine, He gave up His Only Son for us. He can help you at a time that it seems there is no help. Trust Him,
He will never let you down.

the pilgrim

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When I couldn’t change my flight to Sunday, Mike Anskat, (who had the same problem), and I decided to go back to Bodie, actually it was Mike’s first time. I find it interesting that the more you return to a place the more comfortable you feel with the location. I felt more in synch yesterday
and I hope the results cause you to agree. Either way, we sure had a good time and I hope you enjoy the results. Blessings from a blessed man, the pilgrim

*Photo Notes: D7000, 12-24, 24-120, 70-300.

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I left home on June 1st and will return Monday the 21st. Such is the life of a tech rep, but I’m not complaining, in fact it has been a great three weeks! Just consider this, in the last three weeks I
hung out with Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Jay Miller and some of the world’s greatest aviation photographers while photographing all kinds of great military aircraft all around San Diego. A day later I was joined by my wife, Sherelene, my boss, Scott Diussa and the great folks of Bio Communications to tour Lower Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park,
and the Paria Wilderness Area. After the big group left. Sherelene and I spent a few great days together, just kicking around the region and she got to see Arches and Canyonlands for the first time. What a hoot to see her experience this great red rock region.

Then Sherelene flew home and I flew on to
Reno and met up with Richard Small and
we went down to Bridgeport, California
for an afternoon and morning at Bodie
State Park. Tuesday morning we shot back
up to Reno to start getting ready for the rest
of our gang, Bill Pekala, Scott Diussa, Mike
Anskat, and David Lee to join us for the Reno
Pylon School for air racers. As usual we
photographed lots of great airplanes, every-
one got a chance to take a ride in a war
bird and we also did some air to air still
and video work. We shut the operation
down on Saturday afternoon, packed the
four giant cases of gear and spent the
afternoon letting our motors spin down.
Thanks to Delta’s increasingly poor service
and lack of concern for their professional
travelers, I still will not fly home until Monday.
(They wanted over $400. for a change of
ticket) I’ll be picking a new air carrier on

So I will get a little rest on Sunday before I can
return home very late Monday night. A very small price to pay for such a great whirlwind trip.

So here comes the spiritual part, if all this were not enough, on Wednesday I got the honor of being the guest blogger on Scott Kelby’s blog. The response was overwhelming, I’m still trying to get my mind around it. So once again God has blessed me beyond belief. What and honor to serve Him and have so much fun in the process. Not everything in the Christian walk is a bowl of cherries, but I can’t imagine life any other way. Have a blessed Sunday.

the pilgrim