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On Tueday of this week I started to have severe chest pains and had to take a couple of nitro glycerin tablets to relieve the pain.  This was repeated again on Wednesday, and two more nitro tablets, this time my daughter Catherine who manages our local Baptist Heath Cardiology office insisted, more like ordered me, in for an exam!  I went in and was immediately hospitalized and scheduled for a heart cath the folowing morning.


Long story short, that beautfiul young lady above, with the old man, saved his life. Dr. Subramaniyam did the heart cath and found that my left anterior descending artery was 99% blocked.  Often called, the widow maker, because heart attacks from this arteries being blocked are most often fatal!  As he stated it I was hours or days away from a fatal heart attack.  Fortunatey he cleared the blockage and placed a stint in that part of the artery, so you could say he and Catherine both saved my life!


I’m sharing this becaue I want to thank Dr. Subra and the excellent medical team that gave me a second chance to stick around and serve my maker for a few more years, and to thank my daughter for lovingly insisting I get this checked out, which I woudn’t have done without here insistence!


I certainly want to thank my Lord for steering me to the help I needed and giving me a little more time to clear up some very imporant assignments he has me working on!  I am ready and anxious to be with my Lord in paradise, but I want it to be in His timing. plus I would like to think Sherelene and Chester would miss me!?




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Several years ago at the Great Smokey Mountain’s Nature Summit I met a nice lady named Madonna Martin.  She later attended some of our workshops and has become a good friend. She was one of my students in the Master Class in the Smokies this past weekend.  I was simply astounded at the quality of her work, her great personality and her kindess to all the other attendees.  She was the “hit” of the event and I learned a great deal from her!  I am introducing her to you guys because she will likely be teaching some classes at F32 in Knoxville in the coming months and I highly recommend you sign up for 0ne!!!  I certainly will.  All the images this blog are hers axcept a few product images and one example at the end!  For now just enjoy these wonderful and diverse images!



This was a Master Class and the students are admitted after a portfolio review, because the reviews are much more complete, you can imagne how often my mouth dropped open when Donna’s images hit the screen!  In fairness, everyone had great stuff, but I felt Donna’s work was somthing special!


I shared with my students that I often shoot images to share with my family, via text, with my iPhone.  Donna shared some iPhone stuff I was not aware of and it was an eye opener!  She uses a really cool bracket that is compatible with Arca Swiss ball heads to hold her iPhone for video or long exposure images!



You can get all these products on Amazon and the bracket is a Sunwayfoto CPC-01 priced at $29.95  The quality is very high!  Lots of adjustments.



This is the CamKix Wireless Bluetooth remote for your iPhone Amazon again and for $7.99.



RAVPower iPhone Flash Drive 64gb 2 in 1 with SD Card Reader, Photo Stick,Touch ID Encrypted, USB External Zip Drives for iPhone

This device allows you to tansfer files from your iPad or iPhone to your computer!!!!



So we had e a great time and I larned some new tricks!  With the new tools I was able to do the shot below with my iPhone!!!!!!


So I taught a workshop and “I” learned a lot!


…..and that’s the way it should be!!!!  Thanks Donna!





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I got an email yesterday that I decided to answer with this blog entry,  so, thank you Steve!  The question was; “How do I decide on whether to buy a new lens or not?  That’s a good question and one that deserves a thorough answer!


FIRST:  Lenses are not cheap!!!!  They can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, or more!  Depending on your financial situation, it’s a big decision.


SECOND: You can only carry so many, so it matters that what you buy, is something you will actually carry and use!    * Caveat: I’ve broken that rule many times myself!


THIRD Do you really need it?  This is a tough one becasue we often make “want” the equivalent of “need”!


So, let’s consider that you have already determined that you can Afford it, will Carry it, and really Need it!  On what basis do you know you are getting a good lens?  Here are a few tips:


A.  Listen to others that own the lens, or people that have tested it say.  I have a few sources that i trust to do real testing of lenses and I often consult them early in the hunt.  (DP Review,,  Lenses develop reputations and often your freinds who own a particualr lens will be a good judge of how good it is optically.


B. How well is it constructed?  After all, the lens is the most used part of your camera system and if you are a heavy user, mechancial quality will really matter down the road after years of use.  Grasp the mount end of the lens and the lens barrell and gently twsit it to see if their is much give or flex in the lens.  If there is now, new, it will likely be loosey goosey in a few months or years of hard use, avoid these lenses.  The lens body and barrell should be metal or a very high quality polycarbonite material.  The mount should always be of the best metal materials and afixed to the lens with several screws, I prefer 4 or 5 to give lateral strength.


How many aperture blades does it have and how rounded is the aperture pattern when stopped down?  This is very important to the avoiding of chances of defraction.


Does the lens have quality multi-coating on it’s elements?  Does it have a lens hood?


C. How to buy a lens.  This is my advice, take it for what it’s worth.  Find a dealer that allows returns so you cna buy the lens and carefully test it before you decide to keep it or not.  Treat the lens as if your best friend loaned it to you and you intend to return it like new!  This will allow you to know if the lens is going to fulfill your needs!


D. Once you buy your lens take good care of it.  Protect it in your camera bag or backpack.  Keep it clean, but don’t over clean it, optical glass will often be fine with just a blower to get the dust off.


Well that’s it, buy good lenses, use the ones that work for you and try to keep it down to a few, unlike me!!!




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For some time we have known that Fujifilm was going to release this lens, and now we know the release date, September!  The real question is where does this lens fit into 0ur camera systems?  Based on the early reviews of the prototype, it looks like it will be a stunner!  If, in fact, it is, then it opens some very interesting doors!


Let’s talk focal lengths.  24mm to 122mm is a near perfect range for 90% of general photography.  I can imagine carrying this lens, a much wider lens, say the 14mm f 2.8, and then the 100-400 to cover all the longer focal lengths.   I can’t imagine traveling with out the Fujifilm 80mm Macro f 2.8, so when knowing close-up work in on the menu, that will have to come along.  It sounds like the 16mm to 80mm will focus very close all the way down to .25 of life-size, so that might solve that issue for all but extreme close work!


The bottom line is that this new lens will be wonderful for those of us that are trying to pair down their kit.  I can’t wait!




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