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My Galen Rowell-esk image from sunrise this morning.  Jack and I have been scouting and planning of the workshop that starts Wednesday night.

Jack wanted to hike to a waterfall that was about a mile away, and I opted to work around the area where the tram let us off.  My back and hip have done good, but a lot of walking this morning had them irritated, so I stayed in one small area.  The next few shots were some teaching images for the workshop.




I saw these rapids in the Virgin River and I shot home form the edge of the paved parking area, I decided tow ok my way down a very short trail to the waters edge for another point of view, your can decide if it was worth the effort!





Next I went over to sit on a rock and take a break, while sitting there, I decided to slow down and look for small things, close by, that might be a good subjects but  that I might have missed just walking by, here were some of my finds;



No, I don’t place it there!!!!! Or the next one either.



The color is not quite peak, but still nice against the red rock canyon walls!



…and finally I love to try and find faces in inanimate objects, this one is for my friend Bill Pekala, who loves to do the same thing!  This is my angry, injured, Seal or Sea Lion!



Well, that’s it for now, hope your day is going well!




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I awoke early this morning with plenty of sleep!  Thought I would go through yesterday’s take again,  and find some more favorites!  Hope you enjoy them!



I hope, wherever you are, you have a great day!




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I only made one image (above) at the Great Smoky Mountains Nature Photography Summit, but I sure had a great time!  200 photographers really enjoyed the second Annual Summit and I was thrilled to join them! The fall color was pretty disappointing but the programs, and fellowship were great!


Jack and I arrived in Las Vegas, Sunday afternoon and are already scouting for the upcoming Zion Workshop.  We started in Southern Utah and then came up to Zion, we had a great day, scouting and shooting, here are some of my favorites!



Lots more to come!!!!




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Ricky Skaggs has a favorite story he tells on stage about when his daughter was born he claims, he want to name her Amanda Lynn  (get it, “a Mandolin”)!  Gets a great laugh, so when I saw this in Bernard Harbor, the other night, I couldn’t resist!   So Ricky, my friend, this ones is for you!




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