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How helping a participant with a white balance problem led to some interesting variations!  One of our attendees at the Red Rock tour this morning was having some white balance issues and we were working through the check list to see if we could help him get it lined out!  In the process we discovered what a dramatic different the white balance settings make!


The three images above are three different white balance settings for the same scene, no other differences! In my opinion I like them all!!!  I would tell you which is the most accurate, but what fun would that be??  You look at them carefully and pick the one you like!  The fun thing to do is pick a white balance setting you think is close and then turn on your Live View and cycle through the white balance settings making note of the ones you like as possible variations.  Then have fun!


It’s going great, wonderful group of people, and great light this morning, more to come!




the pilgrim