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I have to say this workshop was one of the very best ever!!!  We had a great group of attendees and the conditions and light were close to perfect!  Even better the spiritual fellowship was amazing.  R.C. Concepcion did a stellar job and the whole team, Snake, Chuck and Jim were in rare form!  It is such amazing thing when God puts it all together in such a great event.


Having Wesley along and reliving the America From 500 feet project was a real treat for me!  So many great friends joined us and we made a lot of new friends too!    Of special note, Catherine and David Martin joined us and added greatly to the spiritual time.  This is what I dreamed of when Jim and I started His Light Workshops and it has been a great experience from the start!


I’m not doing a commercial for His Light Workshops, but I have to say if you want to have a great time with incredible people, you’ve got to join us!!




the pilgrim


*Thanks for Catherine Martin for the group shot at the top.