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Last week as I traveled with my team and twenty friends to photograph the spectacular Golden circle of Arizona and Utah’s national Parks and wild lands, I thought this is truly God’s Majesty in earthly form.  Over the past 43 years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling around the world, and photographed every imaginable land form.  Every time I come back to this region I think it is truly among the most spectacular on earth.  The one morning that we went up into the canyon at Zion and photographed the cottonwoods, (above), was one of the most pleasant times for me.  I loved the sheer beauty of these wonderful trees against the back drop of the canyon walls.  Zion National Park is truly one of the most awe inspiring places in the national park system.  But it goes well beyond the sheer natural beauty.


Zion is a park that was established because of the close connection the early settlers had between this land and their God.  Every feature in the park has a biblical reference.


Zion |ˈzīən| (also Sion)noun1 the hill of Jerusalem on which the city of David was built.• the citadel of ancient Jerusalem.• Jerusalem.• (in Christian thought) the heavenly city or kingdom of heaven.• the Jewish people or religion.• the Christian Church.


Man has always been moved to associate the best and most magnificent things he sees and experiences with his God.  I personally find many things in life that overwhelm me as an example of God’s goodness and love.  My family, my brothers and sisters in Christ, the beauty of His creation.  All of these things cause a welling up of the joy in my spirit. My dear brother Chuck Summers writes often on his blog (  http://www.seeingcreation.com/  ) about the relationship of faith and honoring God and his magnificent creation here on earth.  I love the creation, but i worship God the Creator, as does Chuck.


I find tremendous peace being out in what god has created and I found even more hoy being with the great friends he lent us on this journey.  I pray daily for their protection, welfare and continued blessing form our God.


Today’s Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you for the great blessings of your creation, but even more for the greater blessing of fellowship with your children!  I pray that you will hold each and every one of them close to your heart, protect and guide them, and fill them with a never ending knowledge o your deep love for them!  I pay that as they gather with family and friends on Thanksgiving that their hearts will be filled with unsurpassed  joy and thanksgiving.    In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.




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*Photo Note:  D800, Nikon 24-120 AF-S VR f4 lens.