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5 years, 7 months ago 6

Just a quick note from the Fortney compound, we are enjoying a lot of fun, sharing our grandchildren, and loving on each other!  We wish all of you a great weekend, be safe!


Front row, Hannah Fortney, Rhonda Fortney, holding Abigail Fortney, Diane Fortney holding Cosmo, Sherelene Fortney, Catherine Moore, Cassidy Moore, and Cade Moore, Center bottom, Elijah Fortney, Back row, Wesley Fortney, Scott Fortney, Ben Fortney, the pilgrim, and Clint Moore.


The families are  Scott, Diane, Hannah,  Ben, and Cosmo.    Clint, Catherine, Cassidy, and Cade.    Wesley, Rhonda, Elijah, and Abigail.   Sherelene and Bill.  Thanks for letting introduce them all to you!


Blessings, and how!!


the pilgrim



5 years, 7 months ago 11

On Thanksgiving Eve, surrounded by family, I slipped off for a few moments to pray my Thanksgiving Prayer for all of you.


May you become fully aware of all the ways God has blessed you.


May you hold every child in your family, and feel the love that returns to you.


May you see with fresh eyes the beauty that God has placed all around you.


May you enjoy the bountiful blessings at the Thanksgiving table, and then share from your plenty, with those less fortunate.


May you feel the joy of Thanksgiving.


May you feel the peace of being in His care.


May you know the forgiveness that only He can grant.


May the peace and joy of this season, and the season to come, descend on you!


May you know how very much I appreciate having all of you in my life!


In Him,


the pilgrim