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I had to get out of the house and get my mind off of yesterday!  I took the D600 and tried to find a few images, it always help me to lose my self in the viewfinder.  One of the things I remembered about shooting with a 50mm lens, well I never forgot it, but it has been some time since I confined myself to one, was that your zoom is your feet!!!  Back up and it’s a wide angle, move in, and it’s a telephoto, pretty cool concept!  The examples below can give you a feel for just how different you can make the image appear, by your position.



Next stop down a country road was an old barn I’ve enjoyed shooting, it’s just so grey.  Below is the two images, one was with the D600 and 50mm f 1.4 lens, the other is with an iPhone, can you figure out which is which??



I’ll reveal the answer at the bottom, but first an interesting painting of the Corbin High School mascot the Redhound!


It has been refreshing to go back to just shooting what I see and not worry about;  “Which Lens!”  I think this little experiment is going to be a a lot of fun, and today I was needing some fun.


Oh yes, the warmer shot is the D600, pretty scary how close  they look, except for white balance.  The cool thing is that while the iPhone image could never be a sterling 40″x60″  it sure works well when it’s the only camera you have with you!


While these are not very impressive images, making them helped pull me back from the edge of real despair.  Photography has always been one of  the ways God has renewed my spirit.  Today’s shooting was therputic for me, I hope it wasn’t agony for  you!!




the pilgrim

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A Believers Perspective.  Our entire country is reeling from the senseless acts of supreme violence and evil perpetrated on the innocent yesterday in Connecticut.



I would ask everyone to spend significant time on their knees praying for the families that have suffered this horrible loss.  This is why it is so vital that we seek to reach as many people as possible for Christ.  What happened yesterday is proof of the sheer evil that exists in this world.  It is vital that we understand that we are truly in a spiritual war, there are forces of evil and they are getting their way, all to often.  In the big picture, they are already defeated, but they are still the cause of  havoc in this world day.   I pray that these families will be comforted by those around them, and will feel God’s love though out  this unbelievably difficult time.  I am heart broken for these families,  who have suffered such a great loss.


I have no idea what the reason is for the act of hate that happened yesterday.  I do believe that as more and more people have turned their lives away from God, and become worshipers of self, we open the door to unspeakable acts of selfishness and evil.  As I travel, I see more and more examples of people who have lost all concern and empathy for their fellow man.  So many people exhibit behavior, that states in their actions, that as long as they get what they want, others are irrelevant, and invisible. We’ve spent centuries seeking to find ways to “fix” man, and it has all come down to this.   I’ve stopped watching TV news because I’m so weary of seeing example after example of how far we have fallen from God’s grace.  Were it not for God’s love, I would find no comfort in our world today.  There is no solution in man, we must turn to God.


Please pray, please love others with His love, and please ask God to bring healing to our land.


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