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I have plans for this weekend, and you should too!  O.K., that sure sounded like I think I know what’s best for you! Sorry about that….. but I do have some suggestions, O.K. I always have suggestions so if this doesn’t work for you just have a great weekend and forget all about my meddling!


One more thing, I am taking Saturday and Sunday off to spend a nice weekend with my bride, so my next post will be Christmas Eve.  Now, please allow me to make a few time test suggestions for Christmas weekend plans!


(1.)  Take extra time to tell your spouse how glad your spending your Christmas with them!


(2.)  Invite some of the little ones in your family, (kids or grandkids), to bake cookies or make a favorite Christmas recipe.  Then tell them about the valued friend or family member that passed the recipe down, and something that makes you smile when you think of them!


(3.)  Some evening after everything gets quiet around the house, read the Christmas story in Luke (Luke 2: 1-38).  Spend some time thinking about the reality of what it must have been like that night.


(4.)  If it snows where you live, build a roaring fire, and then sit in a comfortable chair or your couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate, and just watch the snow fall, a little soft Christmas music in the background just might be great too!  You might use that time to think of just how many ways God has blessed you!


(5.)  Take a minute to get alone and get on your knees and thank our Heavenly Father for giving all of us the greatest gift of all, a baby, named Jesus.  He grew up, showed us how to live, and then died to give us salvation.  Wish Him a very Happy Birthday!


Merry Christmas weekend!


the pilgrim


P.S.  And thanks for your gift for me, spending some of your days with me, here!

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I’ve started reading a book that I can see is going to be life changing, Catherine Martin’s, Knowing & Loving the Bible. I met Catherine through this blog, and had the pleasure of having her and her husband David at the most recent His Light Workshop.  They are great people and I really enjoyed getting to know them better!  Catherine was kind enough to send me a selection of her books, and she has a number of best selling ones!  This book is a real adventure in delving into the Bible and gaining the most possible from that love letter to us from our Heavenly Father.


The book promises to do the following things for the reader;


(1.) Revitalize your quiet time as you discover interactive devotional Bible studies.


(2.) Refresh your passion for Christ through exciting quiet times with God.


(3.) Realize the Bibles reliabilituy as the truth, authority for your belief, and secure foundation for your life.


(4.) Renew your mission as God’s Word works in your own life and through you, touch others.


I can assure you, as I’m a few chapters in, that this book will fulfill it’s promises and much more.  I do daily devotionals, and read my Bible, but this study will help me delve much deeper into God’s Word!


You can learn more about Catherine’s ministry and buy books at the web address below;




One of God’s greatest gifts to us is His Word, the Bible, His love letter to us.  Nothing can strengthen you, and prepare you for life like time spent reading and studying His message.


Thanks you Catherine for your ministry and for sharing these words of wisdom with us!


Be Blessed, & Merry Christmas #2,


the pilgrim