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I got an email today from one of my favorite friends who attends our workshops, Dr. Ted Thelin. Ted has made very steady improvement over the few years I’ve watched him study and work so hard.  Ted is a serious technician and struggles with getting everything just right, but his intense nature has also led to his getting better and better at the technical issues of our craft! The best thing is that he is enjoying the process more as his confidence has increased!


This is why I teach, I love to see others get on fire about the craft and art of photography.  Ted is a member of the NECCC group where he lives.  They are group of very serious and very accomplished shooters.  His print of the shot above, Palouse Falls, got 28 of 30 possible points and earned a Blue Ribbon and Judge’s Choice Award.  No small feat in this prestigious club!


Congratulations Ted, and thanks for sharing the news with Jim and I, we are both really proud of you, and thankful to have you as a friend!


Today’s Prayer…  Father thanks for filling my life with such wonderful people, dear brothers, and sisters, and photo buddies that bring me such joy!  You give us the best gifts!   Amen




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