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I am taking July and most of August off to recover from the Spring!   Between Wesley’s illness, Sue Haverstock and Jim’s battle with cancer, and a flurry of other friends facing similiar challenges, my prayer life has become almost non-stop!  I’m not complaining, I owe so many people so mucn for their goting ot war for Wes and I want to support any friend that is facing difficult times.


The older we get the more family and friends face these health issues that start to pile up as the years go by!  It’s not all bad though, I have become so much closer to Jim and Sue, to Wes, Rhonda Elijah and Abigail and all my family members.  I think the worst things that can happen to someone is to get to where we have no time or concern for others, and this year has given me lots of opportunities to grow in that area of my lfie.  The more we pray the closer we get to a  moment to moment relationship with our Heavenly Father.


I want to thank all of you again for your prayers for Wes, he is doing great and his Docs are really pleased at how well he has done, only a little distance left to go and the path looks very good!  Please continue to pray for Sue, as she battles on, and Jim as he supports her fight.  Please lift up Gloria, Deb, Jerry and Reva.  No need to share who these folks are or what they are facing, God knows, but lots of prayers are always better, and trust me, they work!!


I love the line from the scriptute, “It came to pass”  all our earthly troubles will pass and God has it when we have given our hearts to Him!  Enjoy your families, and thank Him everyday that you have them and can enjoy another day with them!


I’ll be praying!


In Him, blessings,


the pilgrim