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August 2nd, Wes takes the final step in his treatment.  The Markey Cancer Center team have captured  billions of stem cells from his own blood and they will be reintroduced into his system after one final 6 day chemo treatment calld BEAM.  This will be his toughest chemo and he must remain in isolation for up to three weeks after completing the treament.  Wes is most distressed about being seperated from his children for that long.  Rhonda will be with  him through the whole process and Sherelene and I will have limited, but some time, with him.


My request is simple, pray that this last treatment works as God intends, and give Wes the courage, peace and determination to fight through this one last journey.  His Docs have declared him in full remission, cancer free, this is just the knock out punch to keep it from roaring back!


So, after all you’ve done, I hate to press  you back into service, but if you would, one more time, spread the word and lift Wes and Rhonda and his family up in prayer for the month of August.  If you do, I  will be eternally grateful!


I thoroughy expect to have another incredible victory story to share  with you in September!


Blessings and much thanks,


the pilgrim


P.S.  I read this to Wes to be sure he was o.k. with it, and he said, and I quote;


“Gotta get better, football season is coming!”


That’s my son!!!!