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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with the new Fujifilm XF 80mm f 2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro Lens!  The new macro lens is abaout 40% larger than the current 90mm f 2 and takes 62mm filters.  It will be priced at $1,195.  Compared with the 90mm f 2 below!



The question is, is this lens worth twelve hundred dollars?  That depends, but first let me share some of the images I made with it and then I will draw some conclusions!


Colored Pencils

Fern pattern

Silver coins

Succulent 1

Classic Mike


Here's looking at you!

Leaf pattern

Peeling paint

Mercury grill


On a 10 point scale:


Optical quality: 11  This the sharpest lens Fujifilm has produced in the XF line, with the possible exception of the 90mm f 2 which may be equally sharp!  With each new lens Fujifilm proves that they are among the very best designers and builders of truly exceptional lenses. This macro lens is as good as any I’ve ever shot and I’ve shot all the classics.   It is tack sharp right from f 2.8 and with the lens modulation built into the cameras even the defraction at f 22 is minimal. The contrast is that perfect place between punchy and smooth.  It works fantastic with the Fujifilm automatic extension tubes and the real plus is it works with the teleconverters, which is a real bonus!


Build Quality:  10  While the lens is substantial, it is not too large and the controls function perfectly.  The manual focus ring is smooth and has the perfect touch when manually focusing which you will certainly do in critical work , (or should)!!  The OIS is very handy when shooting a moderate to infinity distances.  It works great in close too, but you will likely be using a tripod when you get down to 1:4 ratio and closer.


So, is it worth it?  It depends, if you do a lot of close-up work it’s a no brainer, I’d say it’s a  12!!  If  you just do close-ups occasionally, the 90mm f 2 with extension tubes and diopters will serve you well.  The 60mm Macro is small, compact and incredibly sharp and half the cost!  Do  you need a little more working distance and a lens that focuses all the way to 1:1 ratio, without accessories?  This would fill the bill, but that’s your call!  I know what you’re thinking, will I buy one?  Well since I’ve bought every other lens, and do a lot of macro work,  I certainly plan to!  If you want one though, I would get on a list, I feel it will sell very well and it will take a little while to get one!


Hope that helped!




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