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Yesterday my pastor preached a sermon few pastors would approach and I really appreciated it because it clarified some things all Christians should pray about and consider.  Our pastor provides a outline and we fill in the blanks, which is a good study method.  I am going ot share the outline points.


Sermon Title:  “There is one true God and We can know Him.”


Quote about Political Correctness:  “There is no idea so absurd but if repeated often enough will eventually come to be beleived”  William James


Two World Views:


The Biblical World View                      The Secular World View

Eternal Life – Hope                                         No Hope.

Jesus Christ – God’s Son                                Jesus Christ  –  religous leader

Basic nature of man is sinful                         Inherent goodness of man

Absolute Standars revealed (Bible)              No absolutes  (moral relativism

                                                                                                                and tolerance)

Creation  –  God                                             Evolution  –  ?


Christians believe God is the                      Secularist  believe the world evolved

designer of our world.


Obviously it is apparent why we are at odds with each other in this world, Chrisitans and Secularists.  After all, we have two very different world views.

But how can we, as Christians,  find peace with one another and establish civility?


Four Steps to take in response to the politically current emphasis today.


A.  Be humble, and accept God’s revealed word as truth.


B. Be couragous and speak truth “in love” regardless of the response from the world.


C.  Be a vigilant guard to the gate of your house for the sake of  your children. (teach your children the truth)


D.  Be confident God’s truth will prevail in the end.


We live in a world where some will be adamantly opposed to our Chrisitan beliefs, and a certain segment will attempt to destory us becasue of how opposed they are.  We can’t let that cause us to walk away from the basis of our faith; Love, Foregivness and Grace.  It’s hard, very hard, but their souls are worth more than the temporary satisfaction of loosing our calm spirits.  Pray for one another as we struggle with the world we must live in.


Thank you Pastor!




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Personal Note:  This sermon was very helpful to me and hope it will be to you as well.  I beleive that the only way to progress as a person,  is to seek truth and test it and then stand by your findings, and for that reason I posted this entry.  I offer it in love.