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I just did a one day seminar in Buffalo, New York, actually Hamburg and it may have been the most enjoyable one I’ve ever done, “for me!”  The Frontier Camera Club Council brought me in and Fujifilm partially sponsored the event as well.  When I arrived in town I went over to the meeting room facility, as I always do, to check out the room.  To my shock it was set up for 125 people in big round tables!!!  Additionally the club member that was suppose to bring their 14 foot screen had gone on vacation and didn’t arrange for anyone to get it!!!  I was really stressed, I only had a 70″ X 70″ screen which I feared would never work for that size room and everyone spread out!!!!!!!




I always try to make my programs as effective as possible for my audience, but this was a disaster, or so I thought!!!!  I finally decided the only thing I could do was “suggest” everyone grab their chairs and move in to a close to the screen as possible!!


This is where the miracle happened!!  This group was great, they got into the spirit of the situation and came in close and we had a great day together, lots of laughing and learning.  By the end of the day it was obvious, God had laid his hand on the event.  Mike Dziak was a wonderful host and the entire club and guests were a real delight to be with!!!  This morning 25 of the students signed up for a field event at a local train museum with me, and once again, it was a great experience for me, and I feel sure they felt the same as many of them expressed that to me!!!


I’ve often said that when this is all over for me, it will be the people that mean the most, this weekend’s experience certainly underlined that!!!


Thanks guys for a great weekend for me, I pray it was for you too, you truly deserve it!!!!!




the pilgrim


Shot at the top was at the train museum, Fuji X-T2 and 50mm f 2 lens!!!