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Great adventure this morning!  I went out to the California Lighthouse this morning to be greeted with a storm rolling in and out!  Storms build here, look menacing, pick up the already strong winds and then just blow off to sea!!  I quickly put the drone up to shoot the lighthouse, (below) and after one, not so great shot, the winds started too blow the drone off to the sea, I turned it back to me, and gave it full throttle and the little drone bucked slowly against the wind until it was past me and I then brought it down for a landing with it being blown back all the time, lucky for me my timing was perfect and it landed right next to the car!!  I learned a valuable lesson from my flying days, when the winds aloft (up high) are strong you can sometimes descend to less violent winds closer two the ground, that’s what I did to get the drone back.  By-the-way I keep posting about the “drone”,  I’m working on naming her, hope to have that soon!




After this close call with the drone, (learning experience), I shot the shot at the top of the page from down the road with the X-T2 and 55-300, the rocks were a great foreground, it was case where a shot from the ground worked better.


When I drove back down off the hill from where the lighthouse stands, the winds were better so I got the drone back up to show the rocky shore on that part of the island and the aqua water.



Finally, I saw some nice cactus on the way back and even though we’ve all made this shot a thousand times, I couldn’t resit doing it again, at least this time it was on a beautiful desert island near the equator!!!



Lessons from this morning:


  1.  Don’t discount the affect of strong winds on a drone, you just might watch it go away forever!!!   2.  If you’re a Fuji shooter, always pack your 55-200, that lens is so nice and works for so many situations.  3.  If you are obsessing over the new 80mm Macro and your already own the 60mm Macro, you may be in good shape now, he new lens is fabulous, but large and expensive, still thinking about, which is good since you can’t seem to get one anyway!!!!!!


I turn 72 on Friday and bought myself a gift which will be waiting for me when I arrive home.  Can’t wait to try them and tell you all about them, they are the new DJI googles that allow you to see what  the drone sees while flying!!!  It will be back to my old view from the plane, and I can’t wait!  Here they are below, you look like an idiot wearing them, but they promise to help video and photography efforts immensely!!



More later!




the pilgrim


Parasailing from above!