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Got up this morning to pouring rain and decided with howling winds and rain, “I think I’ll take the day off!”   Your probably tired of tropical pictures anyway!


Last night I learned a great lesson on drone flying when I made the very last shot, the parasailor from well above.  I flew the drone way out to where they were sailing and went high enough there was not chance I would interfere with their sails.  Well, the wind up there was even more strong than down where I was flying from.  After I got a shot I started to return to home.  The wind kept altering the course and I could not find the drone against the bright sky, I was looking into the sunset area of the sky.  My map, on the controller screen, showed the drone coming the correct direction, but at a snails pace.  While the drone which I could still  not find in the sky was returning and my battery was going down on the drone!!!


Calling on my experience from flying ultra lights, I thought I’ve got to get out of this wind, so I descended to about 100 feet and the map started show the drone moving much faster toward me.  It was not long until I could here that sweet whine of the props and by then I could see her on her way back, I got it landed safely and breathed a sigh of release.


I  think I deserve a pay off!!!




the pilgrim


Well, maybe one more! ….or two!