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The last morning in paradise!  It’s been a great and more importantly a restful week!  Sherelene and I will head to the airport around 12:30 to return the rental car, slog through both Aruba’s and US  Customs and then board the plane around 4:00 for the return flight to Atlanta, and then on to Knoxville, arriving at 10:00 pm this evening.  It’s been a great week and a great celebration of our anniversary which is actually Valentine’s Day, my birthday and a continued celebration of Wes’s recovery from lymphoma.  After the timultuos year 2017 was, it is great to start 2018 like this!  Once again, we are so thankful for all of your prayers for Wes and our family and for God’s amazing response to those prayers!!!!!


The folks at the resort have been great, the Aruban people are really nice.  Weather has been almost perfect and Sherelene is good an tan and well rested, and I got a few more shots than I usually do on Caribbean trips!  I learned a lot about the drone and it was a great place to work on my flying skills in high winds!  Best of all, I got my required and desired number of naps!!!


Thanks for coming along with us, we’ll be home soon!




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