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After a great summer with Sherelene and my family, Tuesday it’s back out on the road.  I will pickup Jim Haverstock in Bloomington and we will head to the Badlands to start our scouting for the tour in about a week from now. We have 7 great people and I expect to have a great time in a  fantastic place to shoot!  I will try to post some images each evening, or two, for you guys!


This has been a great summer of spiritual inspiration, wonderful teaching from my pastor, good reading and lots of prayer.  I feel energized to get back in the field and spread His love!  I really am looking forward to getting back out there, and….I hate to leave home!  Does that make sense?  It does to me!  I love my family and I love being home, my own bed, my own kitchen and my own TV for football games!  No matter how nice the scenery, all that, out there, is just not home.  In spite of how much I miss home when I’m away, I do love the time I get with my photography friends, and all my students that want to be friends, become friends, even if for just a short time, it’s still a sweet, good time!


So, the rest of September it’s the Badlands, Black Hills, and Spaerfish.  Most of October it’s the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Acada National Park.  Finally the first two weeks of November it’s the Great Smoky Mountains!  Then…..Home sweet home for the winter, until March and Route 66.  Lots of time with Sherelene, family and of course Chester, who should arrive in early December!  It’s a good life.  I wouldn’t change a thing!




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