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From the beginning of the digital age we have been on a quest for more resolution!  Why?  In the early years it was simple, digital could not be taken seriously until it was as capable as film.  Some early predictions were that it would take 25 mega pixels to accomplish that.  By the time cameras reached 12 mega pixels it was clear that the dye was set.  At around 24 mega pixels we had almost more resolution than we could ever need.  So then it was 36 megapixels, then 42 mega pixels, then 50 mega pixels and now for the first time Fujifilm is offering a 100 + mega pixel camera for less than $10,000.


The question is;  if you are a self respecting, serious or even pro photographer, how far up the mega pixel scale do you need to go???  I am going to answer this question for myself and hopefully it will give you some ideas about your own choices.  I will say that this is just my thinking based on the way I work and what I do with my work.


I am a photo generalist; I shoot mostly for the sheer thrill of doing it.  I have been  professional photographer in the sports arena, medical, travel, newspaper and magazine photojournalist, landscape, nature and close-up photographer.  I teach workshops and have had over 7,000 students.  I wrote about photography and faith, and have published 5 coffee table books, and over a dozen eBooks.


I want explore this comparison in terms of three factors:  ADVANTAGE, COST, and UTILIZATION.


(1) Advantage:  The Fujifilm GFX 100 is clearly the most capable camera ever produced. (period)  Highest resolution, image stabilized, high frame rate and a world class viewfinder all in a body about the size of a Nikon D5!!!!  In second place is the GFX 50s and 50R, less resolution but still a ton.  Half the resolution but less than half the price.  The X-T3 is one of the finest 24/26 mega pixel cameras on the market, with world class video capability at a bargain price.


(2) Cost:  Simple; the GFX 100 is just a dollar or two shoot of ten grand.  The GFX 50S and 50R  are $5,500 and $4,00 respectively.  the X-T3 comes in at $1,500. You know how much you need and what you will be buying and what you can afford, it’s just that simple.


(3) Utilization:  If you need 100 mega pixel and it can work for you financially, then you know what you have to do.  If you need a larger amount of mega pixels but can’t afford a GFX 100 then the GFX 50S or 50R is your ticket to ride.  If something around 26 mega pixels is all you need and you enjoy lenses that cost half or less than the GFX lenses you’ve found your sweet spot in the X-T3.  I have made 4′ X 6′ (that’s feet)  prints from the X-T2 (24 mega pixels) !!! Do they look as good as they would from a GFX 100?  Of course not, but at reasonable viewing distances, they look very good indeed, no one ever complains!


Bottom Line:  Once again; While I find the Fujifilm 50 and 100 mega pixel cameras to be phenomenal, I don’t want to carry their weight, (both cameras and lenses), and I like the broader range of lenses available for the X-System cameras.  For the kind of work I do the X-System is my cup of tea.  If you need more, thank goodness Fujifilm has provided us great tools at very reasonable prices considering their capabilities!  The choice is yours and it is good to have options!!!


This is what I do and the X-System does not let me down in any way!



I rest my case!




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I got an email and I thought I should answer it for everyone;

“We know you own almost every one of Fujifilm’s lenses, why do you carry the ones in this case, and not others?”  W.K.  Pittsburgh


First and importantly this is the case I will use when I fly to locations to do landscape, travel, nature and closeup work. I will start from the widest and go to the longest lenses.


The XF 10-24 f4.  This is my go to wide angle zoom.  It covers an effective range of from 15mm to 36mm. It is razor sharp and has Image stabilization.


Next is the XF 16mm f 2.8.  A very compact part of the Fujicron lens line.  Compact, super sharp and very easy to carry.


My most used lens is the  XF 18-135.  It is very sharp, and focuses close.  Among the most versatile of Fujifilm’s lenses I could travel with only this one lens if I had to!


In a Tenba lens pouch I carry the XF 23mm f 2, XF 35mm f 2, and the XF 50mm f 2.  These compact lenses cover all the mid range focal lengths from 35mm to 75mm.  Like all the Fujicrons (my term), these are all extremely sharp!  They work perfectly for travel work.


For closeup work I cary the Fujifilm 80mm Macro f 2.8.  This is the sharpest Macro lens I’ve ever used even sharper than the legendary Nikon 200mm Macro.


My long lens is the XF 100-400 which is an effective 150mm to 600mm lens, this is further stretch with TC-14 Teleconverter to an effect 840mm!  The 100-400 is exceptionally sharp and the Image stabilization works remarkably well.


I own the  16mm f 1.4, but it is larger than the f 2.8, I have the 18-55 and 55-200 both of which are great for travel, but didn’t make the cut for this bag.  The 56mm f 1.2 is incredible but large and the 50mm f 2 is still remarkable and compact!


So that is why I outfitted this bag with those lenses!  My two bodies are the Fujifilm X-H1 and the X-T3.


In the fall, when it becomes available I may replace the 18-135 with the new 16-80 f 4, after I test it and see if it can replace the 18-135.




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Fujifilm kindly sent X-Photogaphers a very nice thank you gift, a new Tenba Roadie Air Case 21!  This case is a beautuful rolling airport case that fits overhead on all planes, but regional jets.  When it doesn’t fit overhead it is made of a side wall construction of material that is virtually crush proof, yet light.  The bag closed up does not look like a camera bag, more like a nice suitcase.  It is made of very good materials and holds a lot of gear, including a laptop on top your camera bodies and lenses, (illustrated below).  I wrap my lenses and bodies in Tamrac Goblin bags for added protection while flying (ultrasonic vibrations).



As i said, it looks like a high quality, rolling suitcase.  As loaded above it weighs in at, 32 lbs.  Just about my limit to place in the overhaead compartment!!!!


Thanks Fujifilm, I look forward to using it on Landscape, and Nature workshops!  As packed it covers from 15mm to 820mm of lens coverage.  Somewhere in there is a TC-14 telconverter and the new 16mm f 2.8 lens also!!!!




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Thank you for your prayers and follow up calls and emails!  Sherelene and I are doing well.  If it were not for our faith and your prayers I would hate to think how much more difficult this would be!  When Jim Haverstock lost his wife Sue, I searched for every resource I could find to encourage him and help him through his grief.  Little would I know that what I learned over the past almost two years with Jim would help me so much with the loss of Wes.


One thing that I want to share with all of you is a series of books that I got for Jim and that I am reading now, that have helped me so much!  The book above, God and the Afterlife, is the result fo major study undertaken by Dr. Jeffrey Long of over 4,000 interviews with people who have had Near Death Expriences.  The resulting study paints and incredible picture of what we as believers have in store for us when we leave these earthly bodies.


So why am I sharing this with you?  Well it’s a good news, bad news story.  The bad news is that every one of us will someday die, and before that, we will loose many loved ones and friends to physical death.  The good news is that our spirit lives on, and that is why this is so important, what we do now will determine where our spirits are after our physical death.


I would encourage to get and read these books, it will give you incredible hope for your future.  It will also give you a real peace for those that you loose now.  After you read this book you will want more and I have two addiitonal books I can highly rcommend, all available on Amazon;  Life After Life  Dr.Raymond Moody. and Imagine Heaven by John Burke.  All of these books are a must read for believers!


These books have not only given me a real peace and excitement for Wes, but they have given me a new prescription for how to live the rest of my life!  In the vast majority of these NDEs the person comes back with one fundimental principle from Jesus, “Have you loved others with My love.”


You can rest assured that is my new mandate, for as long as God gives me on this earth, is to hold true to that one request from Him!




the pilgrim