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I stumbled across this test on youtube and I found it very interesting and would love to know what you think.  It’s simple,  Andrew offers examples in monochrome shot from a Fuji X-T3 in both Across and monochrome, from two Leicas one color that has a monochrome setting and a fully monochrome Leica and shots from actual film, remember that stuff!!!???


Click on the link above and have a index card or piece of paper and pen ready and pick the images from each sequence you like best.  I picked my two favorites from each sequence and I picked the one I thought was clearly the worst. I think you will find the results interesting  to say the least.  At the end the letters A-E are revealed as to which cameras the shots came from.  PLEASE share your thoughts in the comments section below!  After I get some responses, I will share my picks with you too!


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the pilgrim

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