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Jack and i got settled in to the Siesta Motel yesterday, and met up with Chris and Nicki and we went up to Steptoe Butte to see if the stormy clouds might produce anything interesting, we all had the same hope, but no one dared say it!!!  On the drive up we saw it the sky, a rich rainbow,  and we couldn’t drive fast enough to get there!   Turned out it lasted for over an hour!  I’ve never seen a rainbow in the Palouse so we really went after it!


Jack, Chris and the rainbow!



The Palouse is a fantastic location to test your eye for patterns, hope you enjoy a few of these;







Lots more to come, today it’s Dave’s Old Truck Rescue, and I expect some great images there!




the pilgrim


* Photo Note:  All images made with the Nikkor 300mm f 4.5 IF-ED lens adapted to the Fuji X-T1.



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  1. Dudley H says:

    LUCKY! Right place at right time.

  2. Oh how amazing is that!! Oh those are the moments I love – a total gift and blessing from the Lord out there with the camera, just catching a glimpse of His glory. Thank You Lord!!!

  3. Joshua Boldt says:

    Great rainbow! We had a full arc rainbow last night during a thunderstorm with lightning flashing through it, but of course I was traveling without my camera.

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