Good burgers, great people, and fantastic trucks!!!!

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* Note, the entire entry was accidentally erased!!!!!  Here we go again!  In my never ending search for the perfect cheeseburger a sign out front of Top Notch Cafe announced that they had the “Worlds’ Best Cheeseburger!”  You know I had to test that!!!!  I dropped by and asked Pete, (now a buddy!), to make me his best effort on a double cheeseburger!  Wow did he ever, long story short it was a 4.6 and has made the top seventeen burgers in America!  You have to check this place out!!!!


Jack, Nikki, Chris and I ran up to Sprague and enjoyed Dave Jones’ wonderful truck collection.  I twas raining t he whole time and it made the shooting all the better, this is a must stop for anyone who loves old classic trucks!  Thanks Dave for your kindness to let us enjoy your wonderful collection!  So here goes;













And thanks Jack or showing me this one……..





the pilgrim


*Photo Note:  All images Fuji X-T1.

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  1. David Wilson says:

    You are doing well having found a great hamburger and the wonderful trucks. Your 4.6 says it all about the burger. As for the trucks, the wet adds a nice sheen to all the vehicles that you used well. There are good lessons from the rain for photography and life. Please continue to have a great time shooting and finding good food!

  2. Ted Adams says:

    Mr. Fortney,

    How did you post process the trucks photos?


    Ted Adams

    • admin says:

      Photoshop CS-6: Levels, +10 Saturation slider, sharpened. Some got Nik Color Efex Pro 4, Tonal Contrast, and most got Center/Edge Darken

  3. Susan in Columbus says:

    Even though the settings differ and comparison may be unfair, I like those truck images every bit as much as some I’ve seen from Old Car City — possibly more.

  4. Joshua Boldt says:

    They do look fantastic in the rain.

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