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Our Savior was crucified yesterday afternoon, 2,016 years ago.  His followers were devastated, the Master was gone, but they failed to remember His own words that he would come back to them from death in just three day!!!!  Tomorrow morning will mark the anniversary of His Resurrection!  That this really happened alone is a miracle, but the best part is why He died and what He accomplished in His supreme act of love for us!


Celebrate tomorrow that you are forgiven of your sins, that you can have a hope of eternity with your Heavenly Father.  We live in uncertain times, we face danger and catastrophe on all sides, but our Father promised He would be with us always, even unto the end of the age!  Rejoice!!! He is Risen and if you believe and accept Him you can inherit the Kingdom and have peace in all circumstances!


Blessings and Happy Easter,


the pilgrim

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  2. Doug Berg says:

    Well said, Bill. Amen.

  3. Doug Berg says:

    Well said Bill. Amen.

  4. God Bless! Hope you and Sherlene had a wonderful Easter!!

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