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I was made aware over the last few days of an article written by Katie Turner after a conference regarding “Micro-aggressions”.  I had to do some research to find out what that was!  Apparently a forum was established and a series of suggestions were made to a university about things that this group felt should be made school policy.  Apparently the school did not intact these requirements on student behavior but allowed the study to be published.  Here are some of the things that are held to be Micro-Aggressions:


The statement; “When I look at you I don’t see color.”    This minimizes or denies a person of color, racial, or ethnic experiences.


The statement; “I love your shoes!”    Can be perceived as I notice you look and dress more than I value your intellectual contributions.  How you look is really important.


The statement; “referring to “husband/boyfriend”  or “wife/girlfriend “  Seta the expectation that people do not identify as LGBTQ until they say otherwise or disclose their sexual orientation.  It limits the relationship choices.



The statement;  “To Say we are taking Christmas vacation from school”  Further centers the Christian faith and minimizes non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.


The statement;  “Where are you from?”   Implies you are not American and you do not belong to this community.


The statement;  “Why don’t we play a round of golf?”   Implies that the person has the financial means to engage in a sport that may be beyond the means of some others and is hurtful to those with less spendable income.


Christian comedian Brad Stine said it best:  “I want to watch political correctness die in my lifetime, but first, I want to watch it suffer!  Because it has taken our children and turned them from people of character who stood up for what they believe in, irrespective of what  somebody thought and took away their spine and courage and made them wussies.  That’s what’s killing us, it’s the wussification of America!”


I agonize every night as I hear the evening news and see the absolute disaster that has befallen America.  Leaders that will do anything to hold on to power and money.  Much of our society has taken on the role of being victims and they want the government to fix it!




1.  I’m turning off the TV, at least the news broadcasts!  It’s not news anyway, it’s PR for the powers that be!  We are told what they want us to believe.


2.  I’m going to research and find out the truth on my own, I will no longer accept the world view!!!! Jesus said, ” You are in this world, but not of this world.”


3.  I’m going to care about others and love them with Jesus love, but I’m not going to cheerlead for the sins of this world, I will not participate in all of this stuff and will not give it props either. I do not judge others, I might not like their behavior but judgement is up to God.  I will love them and pray for them!  I will, however, not be bullied into acceptance of things I don’t believe in.


4.  I will pray every day that God will grant me the wisdom and strength to keep my word!


5.   I will not stop saying “Merry Christmas”, “Have a Blessed day” ,  “May God go with you”. Further, I will proudly proclaim that I’m a Patriot, believe in the Constitution, belong to NRA, own guns, know how to use them, and will protect my family and my community and my nation, against all enemies foreign and domestic.


6.  I will not push my beliefs on others, but will be quick to share with anyone that is looking for the way and asks me to share my walk!


7.   I commit to pray every day for my country,  for our leaders (even the ones I don’t agree with), for guidance and protection from the evil of this world and that many will decide that there is a better way.


8.   I will refuse to be bullied by those that don’t agree with my faith,  my morals, my character and my integrity.  I own those, and they can keep their hands off them!  I will not “maliciously offend anyone”  but if I speak the truth and it offends them, the offended need to ask themselves, why does this bother me?  The answer to that question just might be their solution.


Wow, I feel better, sure hope you do.  May I challenge you to read my eight commitments.  Join me!


Blessings, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, thanks to the veterans, and active military, thanks to the police that protect us, and the fire fighters that come to our aid!  Most of all thank you God for not pulling your protection and blessings from America, we are not living like we deserve it!


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  1. Rick Coleman says:

    Amen. I pray that God grants me the wisdom, courage, and strength to join you in your commitments.

  2. David Watson says:

    Merry Christmas

  3. Mike E says:

    Now, that is a “real honest” post!!!!!
    You have stated things very eloquently and – in my opinion – very truthfully. Those are a great set of 8 commitments.
    I will also pray that God grant me the wisdom and strength to uphold these values in the face of adversity and pressure to embrace what is now being pushed in the name of political correctness!

  4. Don DeLong says:

    Saw a great cartoon the other day. It had a bunch of Boy Scouts in a tree lot. Their sign said “Christmas Trees $10.00. Holiday trees $25.00

  5. Rodney McKnight says:

    I’m with you Bill! I’m on my way to a worship night with
    my favorite Christian band, Jesus Culture…Will be praying for America during this praise and worship
    night with thousands of other Christians…So appreciate your presence in my life!!!


  6. John Gompf says:

    That posting is wonderful. After the day I have had it was refreshing to read

  7. Beautifully said Bill. I have no need to add any cents! 🙂


  8. Virgil Boler says:

    Bill: Your eight points were dead on. Southland Christian just buried 87 year old Rev Wayne B. Smith. You and Wayne would have made a great pair. He stood up for what is in the Bible. He gave so much that his wife had to control the checks or they wouldn’t have enough to pay the bills. One of the most loving, giving people I have ever known. One of his favorite poems was “The Man Who Couldn’t Save” by Edgar Guest.

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