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* Disclaimer;  I want to share something sent to me via the internet (in blue below).  I did not write it, but I don’t disagree with it, either.  I am a Patriot, a Christian, I love my country.  I believe we should live by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, since it is the 4th of July weekend I think this is appropriate subject matter for today.  Who you support in the upcoming presidential election is up to you, and none of my business.  Since this is a personal blog and people are free to read it or never come here again,  I feel fine in sharing thoughts I think are important.  Let me tell you why I will not, nor would ever support a Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.


I cannot vote for a President that I believe to be deeply dishonest, disingenuous, that lies, steals, and makes deals with powers that are directly in conflict with the United States.   Seriously?


I cannot vote for a candidate that does not believe in the rule of law.  Read Clinton Cash.  Consider that she is currently under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION by the FBI!  Consider one of the counts being investigated is CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE.  Seriously?


I cannot vote for a candidate that has said, “Under our laws a fetus is not a person up to the very moment before birth.”  Seriously?


I cannot vote for a candidate that believes the Obama Immigration policy has worked for the good of America and plans to increase the worst parts of it if elected.   Seriously?


If any person in our society deserves our respect and honor it is our military and law enforcement people.  Hillary has shown a severe disdain and disrespect for both.  Imagine that you’re a secret service agent and you have vowed to take bullet to protect her and you pass her in the White House hallway and say good morning, and her response is “go F— yourself”   This is the worst form of a lack of respect and appreciation for those that are there to protect you!   Seriously?


So it is a tough political season but this may help you understand why I why I am a TRUMP SUPPORTER.




The folks speaking out  against Trump are helping me make up my mind a little more every  day!

Is he the Perfect  Candidate whose thoughts mirrors mine on all fronts?   NOPE

Does he say everything the  way I wish he would say it?  NOPE



Am I absolutely sure that  his motives are absolutely Pure?  NOPE

Can I point to any other  Dem Politician that I like better?  NOPE

Is there any of the  other RINO Politicians I like better?   NOPE

Am I going to sit home,  refuse to Vote, and let Hillary win; because he is NOT  Perfect?  NOPE

Do I like what I have seen  for the last 7-1/2 years with the Jerk that sleeps in my White  House?  NOPE

Do I like the “fundamental  changes” that same Jerk has brought about in MY America?   NOPE

OK, your turn to decide  what you are going to do in about 4 months!



Trump’s presidential  qualifications…



Obama is against  Trump… Check


The Media are against Trump…  Check


The establishment Democrats are against Trump…  Check


The establishment Republicans are against Trump…  Check


The Pope is against Trump… Check


The UN is  against Trump… Check


The EU is against Trump…  Check


China is against Trump… Check


Mexico is  against Trump… Check


Soros is against Trump…  Check


Black Lives Matter is against Trump…  Check


Move On is against Trump… Check


Koch  Brothers are against Trump… Check


Planned Parenthood is against  Trump….Check


Hillary & Bernie are both against  Trump … Check


Illegal aliens are against Trump …  Check


Islam is against Trump … Check


Kasich is  against Trump … Check


Hateful, racist, violent Liberals  are against Trump.. Check




It seems to me, Trump MUST BE the  Best Qualified Candidate we could ever have.


If you have  so many political insiders and left wing NUT CASES— all SCARED  TO DEATH, that they all speak out against him at the same  time!


Most of all, it will be  the People’s  Choice




He’s not a Lifetime  Politician…Check


He’s not a  Lawyer…..Check


He’s not doing it for the  money…Check


He’s a Natural Born American Citizen born  in the USA from American parents. . .


Bonus points  !


Whoopi says she will leave the country…


Rosie  says she will leave the country…


Sharpton says he will  leave the country…


Cher says she will leave the  country…


Cyrus says she will leave the  country…


The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will  prevail….


Hillary will go to  jail…..


The budget will be balanced in 8  years….


Americans will have first choice at  jobs…..


You will not be able to marry your  pet….


You will be able to keep your gun(s) if you  qualify…
(Not a criminal or crazy, etc.) & being a member of the NRA will not be considered a criminal act! 

Only  living, registered U.S. citizens can vote….





You can  have and keep your own  doctor…..


You can say  whatever you want without being called a racist, Islamophobic,  xenophobic,  etc….



Come  to think of it, we have no place to go, but  UP!…



Pass  it on and God Bless America!!


Have a great 4th of July weekend and if you deeply disagree with what I’ve shared, please keep it to yourself, It will keep both yours and my blood pressure under control!




the pilgrim


O.K.   If it is killing you to respond,  here are my ground rules;  If you want to counter this and want to list things bad things about Trump, you must list one significant accomplishment of Hillary’s in her public life for every negative listed for Trump.  That should keep the negatives down!

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  1. Bill
    This is fantastic. It sums up to a tee what I feel and think. Thank you for sharing it and I am going to share it as well.

    All the best. Three weeks and counting!!

  2. Mike E says:

    Bill — I love ya my brother!!!!

  3. Jack Frazier says:

    Awesome Bill. I Love it, love it, love it!
    I agree 100%.
    I know God is in control but oh how I pray that Trump will win this election!
    And one more thing Bill… I think it will be in accordance to the bible that Trump will win and here’s why:
    I personally don’t think we will see Nuclear bombs used until the last half of the Tribulation and they will be part of the devastation spoken of in the Tribulation. Which makes me glad I’ll be out of here in the Rapture!
    So knowing that, I believe our current Nuclear capability has diminished considerably under Obama.
    So to fix that I think it will be Trump’s job to not only revitalize our military but also our Nuclear capability for use during the Tribulation and I think it’s that close!
    I realize that the above might be “pie in the sky” but I honestly think it’s a possibility.

    • admin says:

      Only God knows, but signs do point that way!

    • Wade says:

      First, the US military is by far the strongest in the world, including our nuclear capability. Look up the objective facts.

      If I read you right, you support Trump in part because he will create even more nuclear weapons so that we can be better prepared for the apocalypse and cause even more destruction. That’s a pretty cold and dark reason.

      As Christians, we should realize that no one will know the end time. And in fact, ever since the prophecy of the end times, some people in every generation felt that their time was the end times.
      But more importantly, if you really believe the end times are near, as a Christian our duty is to bring the love of Christ into this world, not more nuclear weapons. That to me seems pretty sick. Let God fight the war; he certainly won’t need our nuclear weapons. Whatever happened to Christians meeting hate with love, being the army of compassion and love in this world? I’m sorry, but I don’t see in the Bible where Christ directs us to prepare for the end times by building up our military.

      Again, to me this seems a rather bizarre reason to support anyone for president and good reason to not support that candidate.

  4. Alistair says:

    Your choices are pretty limited! Maybe best not to vote! Must be missing something because from this side of the world Trump seems to change his mind with the wind, be totally derogatory of anyone who doesn’t feed his ego, including women, media, immigrants, religion. And people want him to uphold you fine Constitution??? May you have wisdom!

    • Mike E says:

      Alistar, while I understand what you are saying I urge you to go back and re-read the first three items at the top of the “blue print”. It certainly indicates to me that the author did not think Trump the perfect candidate, just better than the other one.

      Not voting for whom you believe is the BETTER candidate is a good way to end up with the LESSER one.

    • admin says:

      The only wisdom I have is by God’s grace!

  5. Dennis H says:

    I explain the choices between the 2 this way…
    Voting for Donald is putting a round in a revolver, spinning it and putting it to your head.
    Voting for Hillary is filling all the chambers first.

  6. Wade says:

    No comparison. Trump is a Neo fascist, using the same tactics of hate and fear used historically by fascists. Noted historians such as Ken Burns and Robert Kagan, not exactly the type to go overboard in their speech, have said this same argument.

    Trump is running a campaign of overt racism, mysogyny, and now even anti-Semitism. He has no respect for the Constitution, doesn’t know much of what it actually says, and is a danger to this country and what it represents.

    How anyone can support him is beyond me, especially anyone espousing to be a Christian. Trump is about as far from the example of Christ as possible. Even his playing up to Christians reeks of the same type of fraud and phoniness that has typified his business life. Support him if you will, but know it makes a poor Christian witness and this is one reason why the conservative church is losing numbers in the world today. People don’t respect what it stands for and rightfully so.

    Trump represents a type of threat to our country the likes we have not seen before. The Economist magazine has named him one of the top 10 threats of the year.

    I know most here will just shrug off the opinions of experts, and prefer to take an anti-intellectual approach, again, just like when totalitarianism rears its ugly head.

    You can deny reality if you wish…that’s how you got Trump in the first place. But know that history will not look kindly upon Trump or those who foolishly supported him. Hopefully, he will be defeated and will just go down in the dust bin of history.

  7. The truth of the matter is that this is the perfect storm — the monsters WE created by promoting and supporting extremist politics on all sides. We have met the enemy, as Pogo said, and he is us. Both candidates are seriously flawed and no bravado will fix that. Though his politics are farther to the left than many people will accept, the only candidate with honesty and integrity in this mix is Bernie Sanders and he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell. But conservatives respect him because he believes in something, stands for something and doesn’t pander different messages to different groups. Had Mitt Romney had some Bernie in him he would have been elected president.

    Hillary is the polarizing person you love to hate, so to speak. She does have some qualifications, though. I thought she actually was brighter than Bill. As a senator she was known to come early, stay late and work hard when she could have rested on her name. And I am thankful she was secretary of state, for the most part, during Obama’s first term because it was one of the few competent appointments he made (which shows you how bad most of the rest were and, if you know John Kerry, you’ll understand why he’s a much worse choice). But can Hillary do the job? Never. She is too arrogant, too polarizing and too beholden to special interests. Also, when Democrats had control of things, what did THEY do about health care, education and the favorite mantras?
    Republicans are worse. The GOP is extinct. The name was bought out by wackos who once found solace in the John Birch Society and similar fringe groups. I thought Trump could be a force to shake up the party and purge it of the poison that makes it a mirror image of dysfunctional Democrats. As a businessman he knows how to deal, how to negotiate and that might have done us a lot of good. Plus a smart businessman doesn’t care where a good idea comes from — he’ll copy it, steal it, improve it and market it. The insistence on ideological purity has doomed us in a pile of intransigent muck. (Remember your mother telling you, “Everything in moderation?”) But some of Trump’s more recent blabberings make me wonder if he is sane or understands that he needs to STFU. He seems quite capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The candidate who will win is the one who will be able to win the middle who holds the real power. I am beginning to hope that there is a coup at the convention because the two options are so scary (like choosing the brand of razor blade to slit your throat). Maybe Condi Rice and Colin Powell could win. Maybe not everyone’s favorite but they could win the middle and would make Hillary look like a dumbass in a debate.

  8. admin says:

    Those were the words of Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne who was on the Clinton detail and tells that plus many other horrible stories about the Clintons. He was there, he heard it, he has the authority to say it! The book is Crisis of Character, and the next time you decide to call out the pilgrim, have something to back it up!!!!!! Being a mind numbed robot of the left doesn’t cut it here! Have a great day, and God bless!

    • I’ve heard those stories from other sources, too.

      I would predict that if Hillary wins there are people who would wish that Obama had another term,

      • admin says:

        Let me apologize to Kevin! Need to do this here where it all came up! While we obviously differ greatly on the issue of politics, I know your a great guy, and you have every right to your opinion! I let my temper get the best of me, and as a Christian there is o excuse for that. I hold to my principle and beliefs, but being ugly to someone who I disagree with was out of line, I ask for your forgiveness. i will try to do better! These are highly charged issues, but as a Southerner I need to be more cordial even under stress! My sincere apologies!

  9. Tim Abramowitz says:

    Sooooo….. I hear Fuji is launching a new camera in the next couple of days… looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome! Any thoughts on THAT y’all?

  10. Roger says:

    I haven’t posted here in years. And I do call myself a Christian; saved by grace. I also vote republican because the republican party mostly stands up for Christian values. These statements are made only to explain my thinking. That being said, there seems to be a a problem with following the rules set forth by Mr. Fortney, and some have been outright cruel in their statements.

    Bill Fortney is one of the kindest individuals you could ever meet and if you are visiting his website please show some class, respect his rules. Fill your website, twitter, and Facebook with your progressive thoughts and Christian racism.

  11. Rene Diaz says:

    Hi Bill,
    I’m a little late. I just wanted to say THANKS for the post.

  12. Jim Goshorn says:

    “Jesus was far more concerned with love and the condition of the soul. I cannot think of a candidate who is more un-Christian, or even anti-Christian, as Trump”

    Sure you can. It’s that liberal witch Hillary. You obviously don’t keep track of history and all the years of questionable activity. If you think she’s innocent of all the activities, then she is obviously at best incompetent to be a president. If she’s guilty of the activities, then she shouldn’t be president on those grounds. Either way, she isn’t fit to be president.

    The head of the FBI said she’s at least guilty of gross negligence. He confirmed that she’s been lying to the people. He confirmed that she destroyed thousands of emails. He confirmed that some of the emails contained classified information at that time. You don’t ask yourself if she did this while running for president, what will she do when she gets into the white house? Seriously?

    Her good for nothing horny husband lied to congress and got impeached by the house. There are even questions about conflict of interest by serving as secretary of state, questions about what was done for donors and her involvement with the Clinton foundation.

    Petraeus shared info with his mistress and was found guilty. Nixon erased 18 minutes and was forced out of office. Clinton has been shown to have done far worse than either Petraeus or Nixon and not only isn’t she prosecuted but she continues to run for the white house and with the help of enough clueless voters, she’ll be president.

    God help us!!

  13. Mike E says:

    You know, nowhere in Bill’s original post did I see anything about him trying to tell anyone else who they should vote for. It stated what he was going to do and why!

    Too many of these post have degenerated into statements of why he is wrong, misguided, or just plain incompetent. If you have a different opinion on who to vote for that is great and it would have been far better if you would have just posted why you are voting for your candidate instead of why someone else should not vote for theirs. (This entire political process has gotten worse and worse every year – their is very little of “why you you should vote for me” and way too much of “why my opponent is an idiotic, terrible, unethical, crooked person” — and the supporters of the candidates seem to be following right along.) That said this is Bill’s forum on faith and photography and it seems to me that readers should either say -“Bill I agree” or “Bill I don’t agree”. There is nothing anyone is going to post on this forum that is going to change someone else’s mind. I am afraid it is only going to convince one person that the other one must be “delusional”.

    • Gary Stiles says:

      Well said, Mike!!

      • admin says:


        1. I apologize to any person on the left side of the isle that I may have attended, I certainly do not expect a return of the favor, but I sincerely do not want to be hurtful to others.

        2. I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ. I am far from perfect, in fact very imperfect and thus needed His forgiveness and grace, which I fully accept and will try to honor with devotion to Him.

        3. I am neither a Republican air a Democrat, I’ve washed my hands of both parties, if a party ever were to exist that believes the following I will sign up:

        I believe God has honored America and we have dishonored Him, I wish to see that change back to how it was in the past.

        I do not care what other do in there bedrooms, that is their choice. I do not want to attend a parade about it, or her it argued on the public square. I want us to treat people with love an fairly no matter what they call themselves, but I do not want it be forced to endorse their activities if I disagree.

        I believe a fetus is baby and abortion is murder, i can’t find a way to see it any differently.

        i believe that we should be able to elect people to public office at all levels that we can expect to do the best they can for the electors, not themselves, to be honest and show the highest levels of integrity and character. i also think that give human nature, that is all but impossible.

        I believe the Constitution means what it says and that it is not a living document that can be bent to meet our current opinions. I think it should be strictly followed.

        I believe that owning a gun does not make you a racist, or a criminal, or a highly offensive person. I enjoy the shooting sports and I do them responsibly and safely. The only way I will ever shoot another human being is if they are shooting at me.

        I love puppies, babies, grandchildren, my friends, and my family and my wife.

        I may strongly disagree with some others, but I have no hate for them, only their behavior and misguided beliefs.

        That is full disclosure.

  14. admin says:

    I consider my self demeaned.

  15. Rene Diaz says:

    Well said my Bro.

  16. Mark Borchers says:

    Trump wasn’t my first choice among the nominees. But now that it’s down to one Republican and one Democrat, I will vote for the person who wants to restore the United States, not the person who wants to redefine the United States.

  17. Kevin Fitzsimons says:

    No need Bill. It’s just a debate. I also got a bit too hot under the collar. Your most recent blog post about needing to work as one to make the world a better place couldn’t have been more timely and correct. Both sides must work together. Polarization is not the answer. When we look at a photograph, we see a beautiful image. We don’t see the photographers color, political beliefs, creed or race. Why should we not see every individual person in the same light? Except for a few groups of people who want to destroy the western way of life, we all want to pursue a good life and freedom of (all) religion. Thanks for putting up with me and just know you’re my Fuji photo hero! You really do inspiring work.

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