Some more XT-2 images….

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Some more images made over the last couple of months, really love this camera! ┬áIt’s all about image quality!



This is a serious camera!




the pilgrim

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  1. Jerry R says:

    Your images are inspiring. Can’t wait for my upgrade to X-T2. Hope Fuji Rumors comment about B&H expecting delivery to start mid August is on target. September, at my age, seems so far away.

    How about an ebook on using the various settings, X-T1 and X-T2, for moving subjects. I guess I really just need to go out and experiment with my X-T1. The settings for the X-T2, however, look more complex.

    Isn’t life wonderful when the really big decision in your future is whether to keep the X-10 or X-T1 as your back up camera. Or should one go to Life Pixel for an Infrared conversion? Then, which camera? Decisions, Decisions!!
    Jerry R

    • Jerry R says:

      Note: Fuji Rumors noted that B&H has changed expected availability for the X-T2 to Sept. This conforms with what other web sites are saying.

      Jerry R

    • admin says:

      Not sure on delivery, I’m hoping too, hope to get a second Fuji book out soon, going slow thought, so much new to add!!!!

  2. Jorge says:

    The X-T2 seems like a great camera. Everything I’ve read so far (mostly from Xphotogs) seems confirm that. However, isn’t that what everyone said about the X-T1?

    I am planning on upgrading from the X-T1 to the “2” but not until next spring or summer. I think I’ll wait for more reviews to pop on the web, not just from “X” photos, and I also want to see where Fuji is with their MF rumor… Besides, prices should drop a bit once all the early adopters get theirs. Right?

  3. Jerry R says:

    Even if the image quality was the same, some of the improvements of controls and features would cause me to up-grade. The 24 megapixel will also give me a little more cropping capability. Yes, the X-T1 was a cat’s meow a couple of years ago. But time features and image quality move on. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble or run around with “women” so my money goes to the new body the sooner the better.

    Jerry R

    • admin says:

      The extra 8 mega pixels makes a bigger difference than I thought it would!

      • Jerry R says:

        Look at dpreview when you compare the X-T1 & X-T2 on there interactive chart, you can really see a difference is the sharpness and clarity of the images. I sold and just can’t wait.

  4. Pastor Mike says:

    Great images as usual. Nikon shooter with all the lenses and I’m thinking about changing to the Fuji in the near future.

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