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We just finished our Annual Nashville Event and it was one for the Ages!!  Joe McNally, (above), fresh off his appearance at Photoshop World came straight to Nashville and gave us four solid days of his knowledge experience and wit!  Monday he flies to Rio for a month at the Olympics!   It was, as many attendees said, our best His Light Workshop yet!!!!!  Add to that the fantastic Ricky Skaggs, (below), who, as always, wowed us with his talent and good natured presence!
The image above was made between shooting seasons by the modeling lights on Joe’s strobes.  We had a great time learning all about portrait lighting from Joe!  We did all the usual assignment locations including a private massive car collection that is not open to the public!  The Corvette shot before was from that shoot!
With the able help of Jim Haverstock and Nick Coury we had our troops, (below), spinning like tops!!!!!
Mark your calendar now, Joe will joins at Shaker Village April 19-23, 2017!
the pilgrim

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  1. Mike E says:

    Yes, it was a blast!

  2. Tom Roper says:

    Did you shoot the top 2 photo with the 90mm ? Sharp and DOF is incredible

  3. Gregg says:

    It was a fantastic workshop! Many thanks to Bill Fortney, Joe McNally, Ricky Skaggs, Jim Haverstock and Nick Coury. And the really fantastic group of participants.
    What? You say you have never been to a His Light Workshop? You are missing out on some great instruction and quality time sharing with some amazing fellow photographers. Better call Bill today and get signed up. You know you want to. So do it!

  4. Richard Browne says:

    It truly was one for the ages! Great instructors, great participants, great locations to shoot, and topped off with an amazing bluegrass concert by Ricky Scaggs and Kentucky Thunder in historic Ryman Auditorium! You really knocked it out of the park on this one, Bill!

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