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It’s a never ending battle to figure out how to have just what you need, when you need it, without having have a 400 pound motorized rolling cart!!!!  The trick is to decide what you think you will need to do the work you need to do, and keep it in bite size portions.  I’ve tried backpacks, but I never wear them in the field, but pull what I need out and leave the rest in the vehicle.    When you get a mile away, sure enough, what you needed was back in the SUV!


Above is my “current experiment”.  I love the very small Think Tank Retrospective  5 bags, I have two, one with the leather cover and trim and one plain.  Makes it easier to tell which has what inside!!


Here is my plan, I find I most often shoot in one of two modes, (personals styles), I either prefer fast single focal length lenses, or I find myself doing work that is easier with zooms.  Since Fuji has superb examples of both in the X System I have a small two bag system to cover both approaches.


Bag One:  The leather trimmed Retrospective 5 contains a 16mm f 1.4 (24mm equiv.), a 56mm f 1.2 (85mm equiv.), and a Fuji X PRO 2 body with the 35mm f 2  (50mm equiv.)  That cover the all important 24mm to 85mm range all with fast lenses.  *These also happen to be three of the very best Fuji XF lenses!


Bag Two:  The other regular Retrospective 5 contains a full set of zooms and one specialty lens.  the 10-24 f 4 OIS lens (15-36 mm equiv.),  a 18-135 f 3.5-5.6 (27-200 equiv.) and lastly my favorite Fuji lens,  the 90mm f 2 (135mm equip.)  This lens doubles as a macro lens with Nikon 5T and 6T diopters and automatic extension tubes, and it is arguably Fuji’s sharpest lens!!!!!


So when I arrive on site,  I can decide which route to go and grab one small bag and have ell the focal lengths I might need!  The super long 100-400 is always in the backpack, when I really need to reach out optically!  I almost never walk any real distance carrying it!   It is a trunk lens!


I am anxious to get a production X-T2, but until then, I love the X Pro 2 and it is giving me wonderful results!


I will try this system for a while and let you know how it’s going!




the pilgrim

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  1. Great plan Bill.
    Hope you give us an update in a month or two. Or maybe an option B.
    Take Care and Be Safe

  2. Jim Erickson says:

    Bill, I’ve been wrestling with the same general concept. I’m a little surprised you not carrying a 50-140 in either bag. You said that the 100-400 is always with you but as a trunk lens. I know you have a lot of other equipment not shown such as bodies, speedlights, filters. Are you using a larger backpack that you leave in the trunk? What all does it have in it? Also is there one bag that can carry it all and then just carry one other bag onsite that you pack it before leaving the car? Thank, Jim Erickson

    • admin says:

      I carry the two bags illustrated above and two backpacks with all the rest of the gear including the 50-140 and 100-400 and more batteries, other lenses, etc. I usualness a Dome Vest and carry body with lens and two more lenses in the big lower pockets.

  3. Jack Frazier says:

    You hit the nail on the head Bill.
    I struggle with what lenses to carry. Murphy’s law rules here. Sometimes I can make the poorest decisions on lens selection and the one I need is sure nuff the one I left behind! LOL

    I gotta get me that Retrospective 5!

  4. Ron says:

    Hi Bill,

    Great post. I have the retro 5 and I love it. I have an XT-1 and the 23mm f1.4, the 18-135, and the 10-24 lenses. I struggle a little getting all that in the bag. Can you post some shots of how you pack the bag? Thanks, Ron

  5. Paul Chance says:

    Hi brother,

    Here is my fuji kit… Xp1, xt1, 14, 27, 35, 56, 18-55, 55-200, 18-200

    Absolutely love the fujis

    I shoot mostly landscapes. I love shooting large animals like moose, elk. Unfortunately, not a ton of animals in dallas. I do a couple trips a year for photography.

    Here is the question….$ prioty…. Xt2 or 100-400 first?

    I dont find the Af of the xt1 limiting.


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