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The image above reminds me of how incredible a life of photography has been for me. This image may not resonate with you, and that is fine, the point is……  it resonated for me. Photography is a craft, but it is much more than that, it is a life.  You have all been where I was when I looked down and saw this rope, the boats bow and the reflection in the water.  I was stunned by the simplicity and the poetry of the lines and the textue and that is it!!!  For me,  photography is about all those things, line, form, texture, color and composition, it’s alive.


Photography will only speak to you when you speak to it!  Live it, breathe it, and embrace it!  The rewards are unfathonable!  Enjoy your journey!




the pilgrim



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  1. Joshua Boldt says:

    Great thoughts. Thanks.

    I think that something that makes a good photographer is an innate ability to identify good photographs. Not to put down people in some of the online photography groups I have been involved with, but the best photograph in my opinion are usually the same ones that get the most praise from other good photographers, and the average photos tend to get praised by other average photographers or new photographers (or receive little or no praise). I’m not into photography for praise; it’s just an observation. My point is that if you, the photographer, think it is a good photograph and it isn’t just because of family or nostalgic feelings, then it probably is a good photograph. Photography isn’t as subjective as people make it out to be because many times there are pictures that are obviously good regardless of who looks at it.

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