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For about 2 years now Jack Graham and I have been conducting workshops together dedicated to ONLY users of the Fujifilm “X” System. These have been extremely successful.

We have talked about taking the next step and making these workshops into a larger group event, with a different perspective on how the Fuji “System works for us and how it’s benefited our image making.

We put together a plan (and received the blessing from the great folks at the Fujifilm Corporation) to schedule 2 such Photography Summits, one in the spring 2017 and one in the fall Of 2017.

During these summits we’ll being in 2 more of Fujifilm’s “X” Photographers, great shooters and teachers to present programs and information in addition to Bill and me. That’s 4 “X” Photographers under one roof! Additionally Fujifilm has agreed to provide technical staff, folks from Fuji Headquarters (and perhaps some surprise guests) at each event. There will also be some cool give-a-ways at each summit!

Each summit will have some field sessions, talks on creative and technical use of the Fujifilm “X” System as well as generally photographic topics. Image reviews are a part of this as well. You’ll be able to spend time in these formal settings as well as informal groups during our time together. This event is NOT LIMITED to only Fuji “Photographers. If you are consideration making the switch this would be a great place to find out if the Fujifilm “X” System is right for you.

In a few days we’ll be rolling this out formally, launching our website and letting you all know how to register

We are limiting these events to 60 attendees. Here is what I can tell you tonight

1) There will be two events, April 5-9 in Townsend Tennessee (Smoky Mountains) and another September 6-10 in Portland Oregon (Pacific Northwest).

2) Each event will be $699.00. Lodging , travel and meals are not included

3) We have secured our “team” of “X” Photographers for each event. You’ll be pleased to see who is coming. Details also by the end of the week.

4) Registration will open by the end of this week

5) Our website will be up and running ( all forms and information will go up on the site)

6) Registrations for these events will be on a first come first serve basis and will fill quickly.

So that’s the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT—– we are really excited and pleased to see how this project has come together so quickly and nicely.

Sponsored by Fujifilm!

The full website will be released here, very, very soon!!!  All the details!

Consider joining us!

Jack Graham & Bill Fortney



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  1. A X-Workshop and a X-Summit both in the same year. They should go a long way to getting me smarter with the X-T2 and stable of lens. The long drive will make them worth while. Looking forward to both of these events.

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