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The book went live just a few hours ago and we have already sold over 50!  Now that’s great, you write books and then hope they sell!  What interests me a lot more is will the book really help anybody.  I’ve had lots of nice comments over the years about books, but the comments about this one are really special to me.  Why?  I poured my heart into this one.  Why?  Boy do you have a lot of questions!  Sorry, I said that, kind of a sloppy transition.  So here goes;  I love the Fujifilm X Series system.  When I came to the place, because of  shoulder surgery, that I simply could no longer deal with the weight of the DSLR system I was using, (full frame cameras and full frame lenses), and I found the Fujifilm X camera, the original X10.  I had been a  life long Nikon shooter, lived an breathed, even worked for them for the last 11 years of my working career.


So what was the result?  I started to enjoy being a photographer again, I started shooting the best stuff of my life, and I owe most of that to the engineers in Japan that designed those wonderful cameras and lenses!!


So……I just want to share that joy with anyone else that gets involved with this magical system.  So you can imagine why it thrills me when my readers say things like this;




“I got the book today and I read the entire book in one sitting!  Wonderful!!”


W. B.  Arkansas




“Bill Fortney’s Fuji Guide is the best book on the X-T2 and X-Pro2 I have ever seen.   For example, his step by step instructions for setting up a T2/P2 are simple and educational, insuring one gets the most out of the cameras. That one chapter, to me, was worth the price of the book, multiplied by 10. I found one of his white balance “hints” solved a problem for me that had plagued me for over a year – invaluable!”


C.T.  Georgia




     “Use this book to quickly and easily set up your camera for exactly the way you shoot. Then use Bill’s expert advice to change those settings out in the field when conditions demand it. This guide will save you time and money in building a system of only the cameras and lenses you truly need for your shooting style. If you are a Fuji shooter or are thinking of becoming one, this guide will be your foundation.”


         Or, “Starting out or experienced shooter, this guide will provide the foundation every Fuji shooter needs. Quickly and easily set up your camera for exactly the way you work. Build the system suited to your style without wasting time or money. Follow Bill Fortney’s expert advice to become the photographer you hope to be with your Fuji camera. This guide is that complete and that good.”


J.H.  Indiana




“I bought the first book and thought it was excellent, this one is three times better, congrats!”


T.K.  New York




“I’ve struggled with the menus on my X-T2 and couldn’t even figure out what some of them even meant, your book has me up and running, can’t thank you enough.”


C.R.  Mississippi




“I’ve bought every guide book you can buy on the new X-T2, at $9.95 this one puts them all to shame!  Thanks for the great bargain, and really great book!”


K.P.  Maine




“I have to tell you the instructional content is top notch, the images make me want to learn everything I can,  your work is amazing.”






Got a few more! 


“I loved the advice on actually shooting wiith the X PRO 2, I love this camera, in fact about it after you did the Route 66 images. Your suggestions really helped me get my camera set-up right.”


F.T.  Colorado




“The suggestions about which lenses are best for which subjects will help me as I build my system,”


P.K.  Texas



Thrills me to death, thanks!




the pilgrim


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  1. David W. says:

    Bill, I hate to break it to you but you are still working. When you left Nikon, the work just changed. You are teaching, writing, recording some stories (I think), taking photographs, and sharing your faith with the world. I think the only thing that changed was what you were doing and who was directing those activities. I think you are proof that the saying “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is correct. You love what you’re doing so it not really work. I wish more people were so fortunate.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks David, you’re a kind man!

  3. Excellent Read. The two free bonus books are welcomed addition to my Fuji library. Thanks for the Great work Bill.

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