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My post about the eclipse of our hearts really stirred up some thought with others and myself!  The manufacturers don’t make it easy on us.  Fuji Rumors says a new X-T2 is coming with IBIS (In body image stabilization), Nikon just released the D850  45.7 megapixels!,  one a rumor, one fact.  The real fact is all the camera companies don’t want you to be satisfied with what you have today!!!!  Now that is normal, natural and what drives the industry, but it doesn’t have to drive you.


Personal experience:  When I was a Nikon shooter and owned a Nikon F, I immendiatly bought the F2 when it came out (actually 2 of them), I vowed that no matter what Nikon brought out next I was happy with the F2, that was until they released the F3!!!  I vowed again this was finally the near perfect camera and I was finished trading up!!!!  Did the same with the F4 and F5!  I even had a F6 because I worked for Nikon at the time and they sent me one, but by then we were fully into the digital age.


I think you get the picture!  D1, D2, D3 and D4 and I was out of the Nikon system and Fuji shooter before the D5 appeared.


Fast forword to my very happy Fuji days (2012 to present); X-10, X-E1, X-Pro1, X-T1, X-E2, X-T2, X-Pro2 see my point.  As of today I am convinced that the X-T2 & X-Pro2 are my stopping point, I find these cameras to be nearly perfect for what I do and I honestly can’t think of an improvement that I can’t live without!!  Of course if a X-T2s is really out there with in body IS, who knows!  For me, it has to stop somewhere!  I’m a little like the old man that said at his age he was no longer buying ripe bananas!  I know you can’t stop technology from moving forward and we should, and I do, welcome it, but I am going to try, very hard, to ask myself from now on, do I really need this?,  will it really make a big difference in my work?, is it worth the cost?, can I carry it?, how much will I loose by trading  up once again?!!!!


I know I can do it, I did with the GFX.  Is the GFX a not a remarkable piece of technology?  It sure is!  Would it be fun to own it?  You bet!!!!  Now the toughest question, do you need  it?  For me the answer is no.  Do I want one? Yes.  Do I need it’s capabilities?  Not really.  Have I shot one?  Yes.  Was I not impressed?  I was blown away with how indredible it was!  Then why don’t you buy one?  For the same reason I don’t drive an Aston Martin Vanquish, can’t afford it, don’t need it and where would I put all my AV gear!


If you bought a GFX and are happy with it, and I’m sure you are, good for you, it must be a good fit for you, it just wouldn’t be for me.  There comes a time when we need to ask oursleves the hard questions:


What will this do for me that I can’t do with my present gear?


Will I be terribly disadvantaged without it?


Is it worth the cost?


Can I afford that cost?


After you dance through that forest you will know what you should do.  Is it wrong to answer all those questions, Nothing , No  No and  No,  and still buy it?  It’s your money and I’ve done it many times before, but I’m trying to make that behavior…….. Dead and Buried!!!




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  1. Charles Murray says:

    Bill, the problem is we are so very susceptible to good marketing. The add people have a way of pulling us in and convincing us that we really do need this piece of gear. No matter how many times we ask ourselves the questions you posed; greed, lust, desire, or “the wants” overrides our rational thought process. In the film days we often had to wait ten years before another really great camera came along ,but I think the difference was that we enjoyed what we had for those ten years and were not constantly looking for something new and better. This dates me as a person but personally I liked using what I had and not worrying about what was coming next. Thank you for your blog and the way you look at life. Peace me with you. Charles

  2. admin says:

    Peace to you too!

  3. Myles says:

    Mr. Fortney,

    This is such a great article. You put into words, so well, what is always a hard thing in our industry. So many bells and whistles in these cameras and now even phones. It is so easy to covet the next great camera system. The latest systems offer so many legitimate tools that can help your photography. I love all the modern artistic tools we have at our disposal. However, with all that technology, does it all the suddenly delegitimize all the works of art that have taken place over the last 1000 years? Of course it doesn’t. Technology is just the tool. Although highly complex, it is no more than a hammer, chisel, paintbrush, or canvas. It takes a human being to create the art or to be the craftsman. It also takes a human being to appreciate that art. The next technological wonder will only be as good as the person using it.

    I love technology and seeing all the new gear when it comes out (i.e. yesterday’s Note 8 announcement). However, the first DSLR system I was able to get into is the same one I use to this day. A Canon 5DmkII, a flash and three lenses. Shortly after that I added a T1i a flash and one more lens. At the time I bought into it, it was already almost a year old. That was over 8 years ago. I almost can’t believe it. But, because of those exact questions you posed at the end of your article is why I have never “upgraded”. Cost, is a huge reason. But, I put more effort and money into small small flash and modifiers in order to learn and refine my artistic vision. Which never stops. Thanks again for developing such a thought provoking article. It is always great to garner your years of wisdom.

  4. John Gompf says:

    I have thought this way for a while. I scaled back to a Nikon D810 and a Fuji X-T2. Both do everything I need them to do. The are a back up for each other if one ever goes down, so I don’t bother to have two of each as I found when I had two of the same camera (Digital) I rarely shot both. Back in the film day I kept two so I could use two different speed films. I do yearn for new gear all the time but, like you, I ask , do I need it and can I afford it. I will always want it.


  5. Hi Bill
    Great post as always. I’m a gear head for sure. If I asked myself do I need it I would only have one camera and a catch all lens (like the 28 – 300.) I love new technology and getting new things and at least for now I can afford it and it gives me pleasure.

    Your advice is sound and thoughtful and in a couple of years (because of my age) I will retire and then the gear buying days are probably over. But for now need doesn’t apply for me. 🙂

    Hope all is well with you and your family. I think back a lot of times about the good times in Nashville a year ago and wish that it would have lasted longer.


  6. PointReyes says:

    I think the same way with camera equipment. Since I home school and have kids that are deeply interested in photography I have obtained quite an assortment of cameras and lens. If it was not for the kids and the events they are in I would seriously consider getting rid of all my current equipment and get the GFX with several lenses. Instead I focus on mainly trying to obtain the older equipment and learn how to use it to it’s best ability. In the process, I got some good shots of the eclipse using the used Fuji X-Pro2 I purchased from Bill (thanks Bill) coupled to a used “old model” Nikkor 80-400 attached to a Bogen (yes, Bogen) tripod. 🙂

    The funny thing is that thanks to the kids interest, I can slow down for my own photography because I have the kids taking photos that normally would have only been taken by me.

  7. Dave Benson says:

    Thanks… I bought the X-T1 about a year ago because the X-T2 was on backorder and I needed a body to replace my “sold away” Nikon stuff… the thought was when the X-T2 arrived I would sell the T1, and. at a big loss and have two X-T2s…. I didn’t… and a year later I still love both cameras and no loss or regrets… like a good ole dog the X-T1 has been loyal and faithful to me… while the X-T2 has become my workhorse… I will introduce you to Slug and Turbo in Portland next week…

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