Grand Tetons Workshop

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Jack and I just wrapped up the Grand Tetons Fujifilm workshop this past weekend, wanted to share some of the images!  We had fantastic sunrise light which led to so so light in the afternoons.





I’ve started making images with the iPhone (7+) to share with fmaily and friends all the shots above were iPhone shots, now some of my best with Fujifilm cameras!


Cabin and wheat

Cabin and tetons bright small

Color against green

Tetons schwa BEST

Storm over Grand Teton

oxbow bend sunrise


Another great group in another great place!!!!


LCD shot small




the pilgrim


A new angle to an old scene!!!


Valley and Tetons

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  1. David W. says:

    You have an interesting angle of an old subject. These are wonderful images of the area.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you!

  3. Incredible images. Oh I love every single one. I think the iPhone ones are so beautiful. The light is amazing. I very much would love to go on a photoshoot to the Grand Tetons someday. Thanks Bill for posting these – such a magnificent view of God’s glory in His creation.

  4. Rodney McKnight says:

    Wow..even with an iPhone Bill you are amazing! I really enjoyed the workshop! Thanks to you and Jack for helping me improve…I also learned a lot from the other participants…thanks Rick, Tom, and Dennis for letting me ride with you! Thanks Bill for the great moments of fellowship!


  5. Stellar photos Bill. I wish I had your eye. I liked the different angle on the Snake River Overlook pic, I didn’t think of doing that. I sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees. I too was in Grand Teton NP from Sept. 25 – 29. I thought I had timed the leaf change right, but was not to be….the leaf change was late this year. I also took some pics with my IPhone 7 and sent in text messages back home for everyone to see.

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