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An open letter to the NFL players,

You graduated high school in 2011.  Your teenage years were a struggle.  You grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.  Your mother was the leader of the family and worked tirelessly to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate.  Academics were a struggle for you and your grades were mediocre at best.  The only thing that made you stand out is you weighed 225 lbs and could run 40 yards in 4 .2 seconds while carrying a football.
Your best friend was just like you, except he didn’t play football.  Instead of going to football practice after school, he went to work at McDonalds for minimum wage.  You were recruited by all the big colleges and spent every weekend of your senior year making visits to universities where coaches and boosters tried to convince you their school was best.  They laid out the red carpet for you. Your best friend worked double shifts at Mickey D’s.  College was not an option for him.  On the day you signed with Big State University, your best friend signed paperwork with his Army recruiter.  You went to summer workouts.  He went to basic training.
You spent the next four years living in the athletic dorm and eating at the training table.  You spent your Saturdays on the football field, cheered on by adoring fans.  Tutors attended to your every academic need.  You attended class when you felt like it.  Sure, you worked hard…you lifted weights, ran sprints, studied plays, and soon became one of the top football players in the country.  Your best friend was assigned to the 101stAirborne Division.  While you were in college, he deployed to Iraq once and Afghanistan twice.  He became a Sergeant and led a squad of 19 year old soldiers who grew up just like he did.  He shed his blood in Afghanistan and watched young American’s give their lives, limbs, and innocence for the USA.
You went to the NFL combine and scored off the charts.  You hired an agent and waited for draft day.  You were drafted in the first round and your agent immediately went to work, ensuring that you received the most money possible.  You signed for $16 million…although you had never played a single down of professional football.  Your best friend re-enlisted in the Army for four more years.  As a combat tested sergeant, he will be paid $32,000 per year.
You will drive a Ferrari on the streets of South Be ach.  He will ride in the back of a Blackhawk helicopter with 10 other combat loaded soldiers.  You will sleep at the Ritz.  He will dig a hole in the ground and try to sleep.  You will “make it rain” in the club.  He will pray for rain as the temperature reaches 120 degrees.
On Sunday, you will run into a stadium as tens of thousands of fans cheer and yell your name.  For your best friend, there is little difference between Sunday and any other day of the week.  There are no adoring fans.  There are only people trying to kill him and his soldiers.  Every now and then, he and his soldiers leave the front lines and “go to the rear” to rest.  He might be lucky enough to catch an NFL game on TV.  When the National Anthem plays and you take a knee, he will jump to his feet and salute the television.  While you protest the unfairness of life in the United States, he will give thanks to God that he has the honor of defending his great country.
To the players of the NFL:  We are the people who buy your tickets, watch you on TV, and wear your jerseys.  We anxiously wait for Sundays so we can cheer for you and marvel at your athleticism.  Although we love to watch you play, we care little about your opinions until you offend us.  You have the absolute right to express yourselves, but we have the absolute right to boycott you.  We have tolerated your drug use and DUIs, your domestic violence, and your vulgar displays of wealth.  We should be ashamed for putting our admiration of your physical skills before what is morally right.  But now you have gone too far.  You have insulted our flag, our country, our soldiers, our police officers, and our veterans.  You are living the American dream, yet you disparage our great country.  I am done with NFL football and encourage all like-minded Americans to boycott the NFL as well.
National boycott of the NFL for Sunday November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. Boycott all football telecast, all fans, all ticket holders, stay away from attending any games, let them play to empty stadiums!
* Note, I did not write this letter, it was sent to me by my dear friend Richard Small, however I agree with every line of it!  Please share this with your friends, and show your support by posting a message here, I am joining you in the boycott!!!
the pilgrim
* A personal note:  I love football, played in High School, and have followed  both college and NFL my whole life, I have watched every Super Bowl except the one year I was in the Galapagos Islands.  This breaks my heart, I used to live for this time of year, now I can’t force myself to watch even part of an NFL game! I still have college, but I don’t recognize my country anymore!!!!!  God help us!

29 Responses

  1. Richard Browne says:

    I’ll stand with you, my friend!

  2. admin says:

    Can’t think of aanyone I would rather have, Judge!!!!!

  3. Steve Hurst says:

    I will not watch, nor support any any form.

  4. Myles says:

    Mr. Fortney,

    Once again, you are right on the money. My family and I have already begun our boycott. It is our tradition to watch the Super Bowl together every year. It is big deal for us. But we have already decided to not watch this year. We will still be together, but we will just enjoy each other.

    I would also like to add that for every player to take a knee, not only is there a soldier standing at full attention, there is also a Veteran. Not only standing in respect, but willing to take bullet for those on a knee, in addition to returning fire.

  5. Dennis Mook says:

    Bill, well said and Amen. You don’t have to encourage me to boycott football. I spent 35 years as a law enforcement officer. I’ve been assaulted, shot at, spit on and cursed. While everyone was hunkered down during hurricanes protecting their families, I had to leave mine so I could protect everyone else’s families. Explain why you are leaving to your terrified children. I ran toward the gunfire in public housing when everyone else was hustling in the opposite direction. I’ve had people die in front of me as I cried because there was nothing I could do to save their lives. I’ve had to carry babies that were tortured and murdered by their parents to the morgue. So much more. People have no idea what police officers actually face daily. But all that was okay because I signed up for it. You will never hear me complain and I would do it all over again because I felt I had an opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives.

    I often tell people the military protects us from the foreign threat and our police officers from the domestic threats. What a great partnership. Our country is certainly not perfect. Everyone has a Constitutional right to free speech and protest. I wouldn’t want it any other way. But this is my country. I labored long and hard to help people every single day and I won’t accept anyone, especially prima donnas, insulting all of us who are so proud to be Americans. No, I’m done with football.

    There are so many government assistance programs available to almost everyone that if anyone is left behind it is almost by individual choice, not through mistreatment or neglect. Everyone in this country is given the choice to rise above their current circumstances or wallow in them. Look around to see how many have risen. Look around to see how many sit back and want everyone else to do for them instead of practicing self-reliance.

    I pray for my country everyday. I’m just sorry this is not the same country I grew up in.

    Dennis A. Mook

  6. Lynn Miller says:

    Well said and I will join the boycott on Nov 12 although to be honest, I have been boycotting for several weeks now. These people take in millions and enjoy a privileged life style while disrespecting those that have shed blood and given their all their tomorrows so those in the Not For Long league can turn their thumbs at our great nation, the flag and those that defend our rights daily. Let’s see how they last when the sponsorship and cash dries up. They might end up having to do an honest day’s work!

  7. As a veteran — and an ex-cop — I am torn by this behavior. But I won’t offer a knee-jerk reaction.

    Yes, I took an oath to defend a constitution that defends the right of some wacko to burn the flag I love. I get it. But they (and many of their supporters) don’t.

    First Amendment rights are precious but they aren’t automatically extended to the workplace. And communication is already restricted in NFL stadiums — even signs fans make are restricted and screened.

    But I do think you are entitled to your opinions and should be able to express them — on your own time and dime. You act so morally superior that your protest is so right. You want us to buy into your line. That’s OK — but we don’t have to. And as the people who buy the tickets (and, in my case, as a stockholder in the Green Bay Packers, literally own a piece of the team) we may not have come to the stadium to participate in a political protest. That said, my biggest gripe is this superiority kick. If you think that someone’s rights have been violated, I am willing to listen. I’d like to hear your side of the story. But it’s not going to happen in a stadium with a few guys kneeling or raising fists. That’s no dialogue. You offend me when you won’t offer me the same consideration you expect. If you want to dialogue with me, fine. I’m up for it. Let’s have coffee. Or maybe you can meet with fans after a game. Or at a university. Or in a coffee shop. I’m willing to listen to you — if you’re willing to listen to me and respect my thinking. But are you willing to do that?

    The late William Allen White said it best: Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others. I wore a uniform and took an oath to protect that liberty. Are you willing to give others the same liberty you seek? If so, let’s talk. If not, pardon me but I have other things to do.

  8. Rodney McKnight says:

    I’m absolutely with you Bill!..Actually I have not watched a game this year….
    I will be sharing this post…thanks for sharing it.


    • admin says:

      Thanks Rodney, great to be with you in the Tetons and at the airport!!!! By-the-way my delayed flights got me home at 3:45 a.m.!!!!

  9. Bill. Spot on Sir! I have not watched one play this year for all the reasons you talk about in your article. I will not watch it as long as one of those spoiled brats continue this insanity. I too pray for our country. The progressives are doing their best to tear it down.

    Wishing you the best!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Dave!!!!

    • Tearing down a country isn’t progressive, I think.

      But then I’m from Wisconsin where the word has a different meaning. The Progressive Party of a century ago was spun off the Republican party and was deeply patriotic. What we’re seeing today from many people borders on anarchy.

  10. Carl says:

    Love it!!!!

  11. Wayne Bennett Jr says:

    I’m with you Bill!!

  12. Bryan muhumure says:

    wow.i love the story.thank you for the update

  13. Nick Coury says:

    Very well stated. I have not watched any NFL games or any broadcasts related to it. I will not watch any games and so far, so good. I’m not depressed and I’m not mad at the coddled millionaire athletes that are making a statement. I have asked many employers if they would tolerate that from their employees, and all have said emphatically, “no way!” But most owners will not take a stand. They own them for the time they wear their colors on that field. This is strictly my opinion, but I feel very strongly about it and will continue to do my part to boycott the NFL and any advertisers I can. It probably won’t matter, but I feel better. Thanks for sharing this, Bill.

  14. Jim Goshorn says:

    No one in this house watches football anymore. The players cry freedom of expression as an excuse to disrespect the country that pampers them. There are other ways to protest and this method shows their contempt for our country. They even have school teams doing it and cheerleaders doing it and you have to wonder if they even truly understand why.

    Years ago, our flag was respected and today, people spit at it, cut it up, burn it and make clothes out of it. The saddest thing is that they do it because our government lets them. Which begs the question, does our government even respect all that has made our country great? Freedom is not a license for disrespect of the system and the sacrifices that allow you to have it.

    Our society today is becoming one of entitlement where you don’t have to earn it, you just get it because you deserve it and our political environment does it’s best to reinforce that view. The government is supposed to provide you with an education, healthcare, jobs and anything else you think you should have. Your needs come before anything else and you don’t care who has to provide it, sacrifice for it or pay for it and if you don’t get it, then you go out and protest to the point of even getting violent because you feel justified and you don’t care who suffers in the process. Politicians and the media encourage this behavior and then sit back and watch the fruits of their efforts calling those who object anything they need to in order to make them seem deplorable in one way or another.

    God has a plan for us but I have to wonder why so many of us, who love and appreciate our country for all it has done for so many, need to watch the fabric of our society get shredded by those willing to blindly follow political agendas.

  15. Paul B Karas, Sr. says:

    Just left your lecture in Buffalo, NY and went to your site and read your posting. I couldn’t agree more, and furthermore, as the father of a Marine infantry 2nd Lt. I am repulsed by their behavior. Semper Fi!

  16. Ron says:

    Wonderfully written letter. We turned football off when the first knee went down – along with any other sport which does the same. While I recognize their right to act as they are, they must also accept the responsibility of the response.
    Someone pointed out to me that where else but in America can you find multi-millionaires whining about being victims of the same society that pays their grossly over-inflated salaries?
    Yes Bill, the country is in a lot of trouble because we have removed God from most of the public arena and from education. However, He is still faithful and awaits our call and return to Him in prayer.

  17. Douglas Berg says:

    Great Idea! I will encourage my friends to boycott the NFL on Veterans Day Weekend as well (Nov 12th). A continuing protest (although it might be difficult) is to boycott all the NFL sponsors as well. Letter writing campaigns to the sponsors may also be effective. Some how they need to get the message.

  18. Beezlebub says:

    Amen! If the Millionaire NFL Niggers don’t like the USA let them go to Cuba, North Korea, Russia, and disrespect their National Anthem. Watch them DIE –quick.

  19. Hubert says:

    Why have you not removed the Beezlebub comments or at least contest it?
    Are you all supporting it by not objecting to it? Good grief … I hope not. 🙁

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