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Scott Diussa, our friend working the World Soccer in South Africa, asked for more Corsair shots
so here are a couple, more to come! I also got an email from someone who asked a good question, “I’m in complete agreement on changing my behavior in regards to yesterday topic,
my question is what are the practical ways to start that process?”

A question worth considering, let me give it a try, here is where I would start:

1. Pray every morning, “God please give me your grace and compassion and guard me against anger and resentment when others don’t act like would like them to act.”
2. Don’t expect that others will meet your expectations, be ready to be disappointed in how others conduct themselves.
3. By contrast, expect and hope for the best from everyone, don’t be guilty of missing the person that does try to do it right! (It may seem that is in conflict but it really isn’t, it’s called being realistic.
4. Ask God to give you His, compassion and grace and share it at every opportunity.
5. See people through God’s eyes, the guy that cuts you off in traffic, is still one of the people
Christ died for. Puts a whole new light on it, doesn’t it?!
1. Try to see what might be driving other to behave badly and try to help be the solution. Example: a photographer came to our booth yesterday agitated about getting his gear, it turned out he had never shot airplanes in flight and he didn’t know what to ask for, but was embarrassed to not know. I walked him through a few questions that allowed him to tell me what he
wanted to accomplish and them recommended what I thought might work for him. He left with
the right gear and a happy camper, everybody won!
1. You can never fail if you apply the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do
unto you.”
1. Be friendly, but know when to back off. I got on the plane in Knoxville Tuesday a.m. and sat
next to a guy who happened to be wearing the same kind of watch I was wearing. I held my
upmine and said, “ you have good taste in watches” He grunted and put in his ear buds and
never said another word for the entire flight. I was first offended (not taking my own advise), but
soon figured he probably just wanted to be undisturbed. Don’t give people that are unfriendly
permission to determine what kind of day you have. Shake it off and move on to the next
person whose day you may make better!

Well at least it’s a start. Go out today and have a wonderful day and honor God in how you love others with His love.

the pilgrim

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