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For years I’ve seen pictures of a building of very unique architecture. I had no idea where it was.
Yesterday I was looking through a magazine about Boston and was shocked to find a picture of the very building I’ve always wanted to see and photograph. It is the MIT’s Stata Center, a research facility on the MIT Campus in Cambridge. I drove over there yesterday morning and worked it over for a little while. The resulting images are an exercise in using different lenses, angles and software applications to evoke different moods. I hope you enjoy them. The images are all HDR images with and without Topaz filters applied. Some are very straight, some off the wall.

Same building, many different looks and feels. One of the truly wonderful things about photography is the opportunity to express your moods and approaches to many subjects.
Thanks Lord for the chance to work and play at the same time.

the pilgrim

*Photo Note: D700, 35-70 AF f 2.8, 70-300 AFS VR. Tripod, HDR (5 shots – one stop apart)
Topaz filters, Color Pop, Psychedelic, Vibrance, exposure correction, smooth.

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