God’s Jewelry Box

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I’m not a tree hugger, don’t get me wrong, I love the creation, but I worship the Creator. In any group there are those that go way to far to the edge, (in my estimation). Some folks actually worship the natural world, it is, in affect, their religion. Please don’t count me as part of that club. I do think that God shows His magnificence in the creations of His world. I’ve never seen a jewel or string of pearls as beautiful as dew drops on a summer morning, but then that’s just me. I’m pretty sure my wife would rather have some diamonds or pearls for her birthday than a string of dew drops!

I’m not a great close-up photographer, but I plan to get a lot better at it, it is a part of nature photography I’ve been saving for years to get serious about someday, that day is coming soon.
When I do look deeply into the natural world up close and personal, I see God. I think His grand plan reveals itself the closer we look at the designs of His hand. As I said, I don’t do near enough of this kind of photography, but every time I do I have a spiritual experience. I’m not getting all new age on you, I just marvel at the beauty of His world when examined carefully.

Let me share just a few close-ups and see if you see what I’m seeing?! Enjoy

the pilgrim

Photo notes: All images with Micro Nikkor lenses, 105mm and 200mm.

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