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After what has seemed an eternity of waiting it has arrived!  The new Nikon D800 and 800e are finally a reality.  And, it is worth the wait!  I spent all day yesterday taking phone calls and answering emails about this amazing new camera.  I had a limited opportunity to shoot a pre-production camera back in last September.  I will give you more info. after I get and use a real production camera which I hope will be pretty soon, but for now all I can say is it’s the real deal!  This is a superb camera with resolution and features to spare!


Here is some information to chew on while I get started on wringing this bad boy out!


Nikon’s D800 brochure.


Nikon’s D800 specifications.


Nikon’s D800 page.   * Be sure to check out the amazing video by Sandro


More soon, I promise…….


the pilgrim

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  1. Lynn Rogers says:

    Nikon is really on a role. I can’t wait to read your impressions. I hope you will give your thoughts on the D800 vs the D4 from the point of view of a landscape photographer. I can’t wait to see what Nikon comes out with next! I have to say that with all the temptations Nikon is dangling in front of us, it’s a good thing you did two posts on finances! (But don’t tell Nikon I said so.)

    : ) Lynn

  2. Homer Fortney says:

    Happy Birthday to my favorite brother!! OK, my only brother. Picky, picky. I love you brother and hope you day is wonderful!

  3. Charlene Baron says:

    Hi Bill,
    What a great birthday present! I look forward to hearing your report on these new cameras!

    Happy Birthday and God Bless!


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