Don’t rock the boat?????

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You’ve heard the old saw many times, Don’t rock the boat!!  When it comes to sharing our faith, it doesn’t apply!  I’m not suggesting that sharing our witness should agitate people, far from it, I’m saying that when you share something as profound as your experience with Jesus Christ, some people are going to be taken back.  Our goal should be to love others the way Christ loved them, and in that love, they will want to know more about the Man that sacrificed everything for them!


Last year when I worked the Masters Golf Tournament, upon leaving for the day each afternoon I saw a group of committed Christians attempting to witness, I’m afraid it was not effective on 99.9% of those they had hoped to reach.  Standing on a box a man held a large sign that said REPENT! While the message was true, and the scripture to back it up is certainly something the world needs, the approach was harsh.  Is it harsh to call mankind sinners?  No, it’s truth, but it seldom makes someone want to throw down their sin, repent, and ask God for forgiveness.  I’m sure someone has been saved by such a stark dose of reality, but I believe that what the world is looking for is evidence that being a Christian really does mean we are truly different. That we are not judgmental, but offering a love that goes beyond what the world offers!  Showing kindness, forgiveness, compassion, concern, and care speaks much more deeply to someone that calling them out for their sin.  Let’s not white wash the human condition, it’s clear, God has proclaimed t hat we are all sinners, everyone of us, we have “all” fallen way short of what God had planned for  us.


So if we are all sinners what hope do we have?  Only one, Jesus Christ!  Our heavenly Father saw the wickedness of man and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might be forgiven and made holy.  He allowed His only Son to die for us!  Does that make me want to stand on the corner with a sign that says REPENT?  It does, but I know a sign that says GOD LOVES YOU has a better chance of making someone consider how great a promise that is!  Repentence and redemption always follows the recognition of how far we are from God, let’s start by bringing others closer to Him, and then guide them to take the neccesary steps to accept His magnificant gift of forgiveness and eternal life!




the pilgrim

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  1. Jeff says:

    Great post. I too have been dismayed when I see that type of evangelism. I’m sure as you say that someone may have responded to this approach so I do not want to be too judgmental. I would say though that in 1Timothy and Titus, Paul was concerned that the conduct of believers within the Church be a witness onto itself to those on the outside. Can you imagine how effective a revival there would be if the Church today really stood out in its attitude and behavior to ‘prick the hearts’ of unbelievers.

  2. the pilgrim says:

    I truly believe that is what we are called to do!

  3. hmm, I remember the testimony of a Colvary Chapel pastor seeing a hell fire soapbox preacher shouting at the crowd coming out of a pro basketball game. The pastor wanting to correct a brother waited quietly until the crowd dissipated and the street evangelist picked up his soapbox. He introduced himself and started on his teaching that you might attract more flies with honey than this shouting at them. The street preacher gently stopped him and said brother I was an alcoholic coming out of a bar and the only man that ever got through the haze of the liquor soaking my brain was on the sidewalk outside the bar on a soapbox similar to this one…. “you have your calling and I have mine.” AS both of you have said unless the teaching is wrong and unScriptural I would not breath a word, but pray that he breaks through some stoney heart from up on that soapbox and go on. In Christ, Dennis McCutcheon

    • Lynn says:

      Neat story, Dennis.

      • the pilgrim says:

        I agree!

      • Vitoria says:

        Hi folks, it’s a small thing, but i thought i would share.I was at Costco in the mdidle of the day, with time to spare. How rare!I noticed that the two folks behind me were each holding a single item. Well, no problem. I asked each of them if they would like to go ahead of me, and what do you know they did!Since the checkout crew at Costco are a well-oiled team, it only took an extra 3 minutes out of my day, and made those customers pretty happy.Pay It Forward!

    • the pilgrim says:

      Well said, and you are right, the only wrong way to reach for Christ, is not to do it at all!!!!

  4. Pastor Mike says:

    Jesus. I believed used both ways and many more to reach out to people. I too think there are better ways. Yes one person or more might come to know our savior in this fashion, but at what cost, how many will be put off to our Jesus. I believe investing our most expensive thing of life; our time, in others and sharing our Christ in a daily manner we have a better result. Joy we have brings others to Christ Jesus

  5. Carl says:

    I recently attended a Fall Festival in a nearby town – there, at prime locations, were two shouting the REPENT message. Throughout the day I kept a watch on them – they NEVER once talked to anyone individually or showed ANY degree of kindness/love to the masses. Most of the attenders were really turned off by them and walked as far away as possible. I thought to myself, “this is not how Christ did it” – and if it is not following His example, it gives me the “Willies”. I wondered to myself, how many of these people at the festival would NEVER come into a church now, thinking that is what is done there – or how many would ever listen to a loving individual explain Jesus. A few MIGHT get saved this way (Hoorah!), but how many were so turned off they would never listen again? Hundreds at the festival I think! John the Baptist did it by shouting “Repent”, but he was the human forerunner – not the Divine Messiah.

    • the pilgrim says:

      I think we can all agree that the most important thing that happens here, on this blog, is that we inspire people to consider how they are using their talents and gifts to direct others to Him. I’m not a shouter, but if God commanded me to be, I’d be a lot louder than you can ever imagine!!!! All for Him and all to His honor and glory!

      • Dipesh says:

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  6. Robert Christopulos says:

    Hi Bill,

    Don’t have much time to write right now, got a doctor’s appointment in an hour.

    But I am concerned-are you,, your family, and your church family safe after Sandy? What urgent things can we pray for? I’m nearly 2,000 miles away, but like Peter and John said,”Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee.”

    Father-take care of my friend, please keep him, and those he loves safe. Help him to be a comfort to others in this time of need. This is your servant Lord-for Christ’s sake and in His name we pray-Jesus help!

    God bless you Buddy,


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