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I have plans for this weekend, and you should too!  O.K., that sure sounded like I think I know what’s best for you! Sorry about that….. but I do have some suggestions, O.K. I always have suggestions so if this doesn’t work for you just have a great weekend and forget all about my meddling!


One more thing, I am taking Saturday and Sunday off to spend a nice weekend with my bride, so my next post will be Christmas Eve.  Now, please allow me to make a few time test suggestions for Christmas weekend plans!


(1.)  Take extra time to tell your spouse how glad your spending your Christmas with them!


(2.)  Invite some of the little ones in your family, (kids or grandkids), to bake cookies or make a favorite Christmas recipe.  Then tell them about the valued friend or family member that passed the recipe down, and something that makes you smile when you think of them!


(3.)  Some evening after everything gets quiet around the house, read the Christmas story in Luke (Luke 2: 1-38).  Spend some time thinking about the reality of what it must have been like that night.


(4.)  If it snows where you live, build a roaring fire, and then sit in a comfortable chair or your couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate, and just watch the snow fall, a little soft Christmas music in the background just might be great too!  You might use that time to think of just how many ways God has blessed you!


(5.)  Take a minute to get alone and get on your knees and thank our Heavenly Father for giving all of us the greatest gift of all, a baby, named Jesus.  He grew up, showed us how to live, and then died to give us salvation.  Wish Him a very Happy Birthday!


Merry Christmas weekend!


the pilgrim


P.S.  And thanks for your gift for me, spending some of your days with me, here!

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  1. Bruce Wells says:

    Hello, Bill. I just felt compelled to tell you how proud I am to know a fellow Kentuckian has made such an impact in such a prolific industry. You have my utmost respect. Thank you, Sir.

    I live in Shelbyville, and work in Frankfort. I got away from photography in the early 90s, after our house was robbed, and all my camera gear taken. They were film cameras I had bought while serving in SouthEast Asia during the Vietnam War. A little over 2 years ago, after much consternation, I bought myself a D90 and started taking real photos again. I now use a D600, and can never patiently wait till I get it out to take some pictures. I’m not very good at it, but getting better, thanks to folks such as yourself and the folks at Kelby Training.

    Thank you for your dedication to photography, and the inspiration you impart. I wish for you and your family peace and happiness through this holiday season.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Bruce, you’re very kind, Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Dear Bill, Greetings from Madagascar! In the mid ’90’s, while on furlough from working as a missionary in Cambodia, I had the incredible privilege of attending one of your GAPW workshops which renewed my spirit by igniting the flame of my photographic vision and passion, filling me with inspiration. Now, after spending the past 13 years in Madagascar working amongst the poor, history has repeated itself when God recently led this tired missionary to serendipitously stumble upon your blog. With joy, you have revived not just my photographic vision, passion and inspiration — but with your heartfelt blogs, you’ve added renewal to my spiritual vision, passion and inspiration. Thank you for blessing me and others by your talents, your passion and your love for God. You are loving, humble and inspiring servant in our Master’s hands. May God richly bless you and the positive influence you have on others in the year ahead. Finally, I also pray for peace, happiness and a Christ-centred Christmas for you and your family.

    PS: If you have the time, and havent already seen it, get your family together and watch “The Nativty Story” We shared it again (the French version) with the kids in our neighbourhood today, and it really is a wonderful movie bringing to life the real meaning of Christmas. Here’s the link, or better yet, find it on video…

  4. admin says:

    First I’m humbled by your kind words, and I’m so glad that what is done here has blessed you in any way! l try to watch that film not only every Christmas but several times through out the year! Thank you for your service to Him! Merry Christmas!

  5. Wilder Bailey says:

    Bill, you are a person who “wears his heart on his sleeve, for anyone to see”. To be more precise, I feel as close to you as I do to a friend of 40 years. This is because of what you present in pictures, and, more importantly, what you print in words. While it is unfortunate that all of your extended family cannot live next door, it is such a blessing to know you as a brother who speaks with his heart. God bless you and yours, and Merry Christmas!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words, the more we fill our hearts with Him,
      the more the world can see Him. I anyone looks at me and sees anything of value,
      they are seeing HIm. Merry Christmas to you!

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