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Sherelene, Bryan Rymer, our new friend and contest participant, and I spend most of today touring the island of St. Maarten, both the French side of the island and the Dutch side.  It was market day and several of the communities on the island had open air markets, we had a blast shooting all the color and patterns….  Hope you enjoy them!



We had a great time checking out all the culture and color of this wonderful island.




the pilgirm

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  1. Catherine says:

    Looks like a wonderful day, love you both

    • admin says:

      Love you too, it was, is everyone holding up o.k. with Kentucky’s performance??, been worried about Cade, figure he will shrug it off. Mom says she misses her beach buddy, not sure what that means about me!!!???? No, we are doing great!!!

  2. I just added St Maartens to my bucket list. Love the colours. A photographer’s paradise.

  3. Diane says:

    Bill, I have enjoyed the pictures you have taken this week so much. They are like nothing I have ever seen. One of our neighbors built his own small plane that he keeps at the airport on Amelia Island. I was telling his wife about your experience today and she wanted to see the pictures. Would love for you to meet him next time you are here. Have shared with others as well. Glad you and my sister have had a good week. Don’t check the weather report for Ky before you return. Safe travels.

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