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After the last of the airplanes were landing yesterday, walking around the resort, I couldn’t help but notice how lush the islands plants were, especially in back light!  I went to the room and mounted a 60mm micro lens and did some close-up work.  This was done casually, hand held, which I almost never do, but I was pleased with the take.  Though not tack sharp, in all instances, the the images convey what I was feeling looking though the lens and enjoying the wonderful light!  Hope you enjoy them….  This early afternoon one more shot at some of the big planes that fly in, the AirBus 320’s, Boeing 757 and 747.



This trip has been a good rest in prep for a killer schedule in April, and it has been spiritually a wonderful opportunity to reach out.  God has provided numerous chances to fellowship and share, in some cases at a deep level with those He has placed in our paths.  It is always a grand adventure to go out into the world and see what He has prepared for us!




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