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No, I’m not saying I’ll never get on an airplane again, but I won’t unless it’s the only good way to get somewhere I need to go!  For the last 11 years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with commercial flying, mostly hate. I think flying usually means your having to leave home, where you would rather be, or coming home tired from a long arduous trip.  A lot of my friends say you must be sorry to see the Nikon Tech Rep life in your rear view mirror?  Not really.  I will miss the great people I’ve worked with, some of my customers, but I won’t miss the reports, and some of the events that I always dreaded.  I’ve been honored to be part of such a great team, but all things come to an end, eventually.


The end of one thing is the beginning of another, and change, while hard, is good.  I have tried very hard to live by one principle, whatever God wants, is what I want.  I believe God always has a plan, and it is for your good, and His glory.  If I can live a life that ends in those two conditions, I might even be o.k. with getting on another airplane, if that’s what He wants…..




the pilgrim



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  1. Stanley Osei says:

    A career well lived and worth celebrating. We will still be ever ready for your great wisdom and outstanding photographs. God bless you Mr Fortney!

  2. Eric Harmon says:

    God bless you, Bill. I believe He has even better things ahead for you 🙂

  3. Dear Bill,
    Great attitude about changes. We all go through change, some better than others. I have always believed attitude determines altitude, and that has little to do with flying!:)

    Please forgive me for envying you. Many times how I wish I worked with you and your friends at Nikon, or were flying an ultralight across the nation, or visiting our heritage in our National Parks. Yet, God has given me my path, and you, yours. I take comfort that He is in control, and He does know what is best for each of His.

    May our great God, the only God, bless you as you continue to choose His Path!

    Ever higher,

  4. Joshua Boldt says:

    God bless you and whatever may come.

  5. Pastor Mike says:

    Flying is fun, just not commercially. If we’re around for the Rapture it will be like skydiving,but backwards.

  6. Cathy Davenport says:

    I had the privilege to hear you speak at the Mid America Photography Symposium two years ago in Eureka Springs, AR. and see some of your fabulous photographps and I have been following your website ever since. Good Luck in your future endeavors and keep posting those beautiful photos.

  7. Julissa says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imolbsispe.

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