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The group above is some of our great friends with us in 2011 in New England, turned into a painting with NIK and Topaz software!  On Wednesday night Ricky Skaggs, Jim Begley, Snake Barrett, Chuck Barnes, Stephen Hart, and Nick Coury will join me and  a great group for the Nashville Americana Workshop!  I usually do a post a few days before an event to talk about how to prepare for a workshops, it’s been said before but since many of you attend various workshops it’s always a good thing to review so you will get  the most out of your experience!


(1)  Come prepared to learn.  The first step to learning is admitting to yourself that you still have things you need to master, and you are going to find those areas that need improvement, and work on them!   Know that you can and will learn from everyone, not jus the leaders, be open to pick up knowledge wherever it appears!


(2) Relax and have fun!  Learning comes much easier if you take a deep breath and see the entire process of an workshop as a grand adventure.  Trust that your leaders have done this before and will guide you into great learning experiences!  Expect to laugh a lot!


(3) Monitor your energy level and take breaks, and get rest!  Workshops can be non-stop activities, but you will learn best if you get some rest and take breaks.


(4) *At His Light Events – Expect spiritual growth and embrace it!  Our goal is to not only grow the photographer, but also the person.  We plan time for spiritual growth, take advantage of it, it may be the most important thing you will take away from your workshop!


(5)  Expect to make life long friends.  Some great friendships have started at workshops.  It is natural a bunch of people that love photography having fun and getting to know one another, it leads to great long term relationships!


Whenever you take a workshop, look at it as a great chance to enjoy the learning process!




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  1. Jon says:


    Thanks for the tips. I look forward to the Ohio workshop this October – see you and Jack then!

    God bless,

  2. Jerry Esh says:

    Can’t believe it is almost here! Looking forward to learning and sharing life’s lessons with you all. Sounds like we are in for an incredible time. Can’t wait!


  3. Alejandra says:

    Four suggestions:- Advertising netkrows. A been-there-done-that person who could talk to advertising netkrows that harness the long tail to give the people who are/thinking about launching a community a path to monetizing it. There are a lot of solid netkrows like BackBeat Media, and a lot of bullshit artists. Maybe there’s an analyst-grade person out there who can break this down for people/point them in the right directions.- Facebook marketing. Alec Saunders gave a great talk at BarCamp Ottawa a few weeks back on what he’s learned about FB after he swung iotum’s VOIP tech over to that marketplace as a FB app. Bet he’s learning more right now.- Social media’s role (or rather, sad lack thereof) in government. I did an interview for a government CIO magazine recently and was shocked to learn that the Government of Canada banned Facebook from civil servant desktops. So cut off the people who have to service us with information from one of the biggest information phenomena on the planet HAHAHA!!! Like the equally idiotic debate the Feds had in the early-90s about banning the Web/surfing. People under 25 commonly send me messages not through IM or email but through Facebook. My son went on his first date via FB contact. So we keep government workers in the dark about the primary mode of communication for 15-25 year-old Canadians? And of course there’s the wicked culture clash of hierarchical/command-and-control thinking in government that is antithetical to social networking styles of managing/participating. The Feds are in a HUGE crisis with half of their workers set to retire in the next 10 years. And they’re going to attract ANYONE to their tired ranks (remember there’s an overall labour shortage looming out there as the boomers mercifully die off or just get out the damn way finally) by banning/staying ignorant about the power of wikis/blogs/social netkrows? HAHAHA!!!- Snag John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco, to give his social networking elevator pitch (which is also a of course a clever thought leadership overlay to selling a lot of Cisco gear). He and his management team decided to embrace social networking/anti-command-and-control a few years ago, and he speaks very well to how and why it worked, up to and including Cisco’s 9-figure market cap vs. his main competitors’ market caps wallowing in the low 8 figures. We produced a podcast of Chambers doing his thing and you can follow the bloggy path to that .

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