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Please allow me to share a few more images from the Oregon Coast trip.



Fun with patterns!




the pilgrim


Love that Acros.



Lens selections from top to bottom.


Fog in the trees  -  18-135

Green Beach scene – 18-135

Sunset on beach – 18-135

Pastel nets  -  56 f 1.2

Nets and Hooks – 55-200

Yellow float and green boat  -  55-200

Blue barrell floats  -  55-200

Green foliage – 90mm

Lobster floats Vertical & Horizontal – 18-135

Wood on Beach with rocks  -  10-24

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Strange thoughts come over you when you are photographing the most minute of nature’s treasures.  As I walked along Bandon Beach concentrating on what I saw on the sands, scanning very small areas while walking slowly and seeking for something graphic, something  interesting, I saw this black rock and lines in the sand.  As I looked through the lens adjusting my angle it became aware to me that this small 4″ X 6″ landscape was a microcosm of our world.


I think this must be how simply and at the same time complex God must view us in this world. Complicated and convoluted, but also beautifully simple.  We can choose to see our world as impossibly complex, or realize that in the fundamentals we can find the real meaning of life.


This little scene is really simple, and so is life; faith, family, friends and the joys of life. We over complicate our lives with stuff, money, fears, and misplaced priorities, the same thing that messes up a nice photograph, messes up our lives, too many subjects, not enough light!




the pilgrim

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Standing along the bay banks, watching the light change and the wind become still.  Bantering with the friends and sharing the joy of seeing this through the viewfinder, and then on the LCD!  It’s rewarding to take people to a great location and see the light happen and then see the sheer joy they can have!


Jack and I were talking on our way back to Portland for me to fly home and him to go onto the Palouse for this weeks event!  I’m really, REALLY,  glad to be home, I truly am, but then a part of me would love to be doing sunrise from Step Toe Butte in the morning.  Isn’t that the way we are as shooters, always want to be where the action is, the light, the magic photographic moments.  But then last night I sat on the couch with my wife as the last light happened in my own back yard!  That was pretty spectacular too!


What is my point to all of this, I’m not sure I have one.  I love life!  If I’m with Jack and some shooters trying to capture that magic moment,  I’m happy, but then if I’m with my bride, just being together, I love that too!  I think God has blessed me with life that is good either way.  I really miss Sherelene when  we are apart, but that just makes the homecoming all the sweeter.


God promised us that if we would accept His Son, Jesus, we would be forgiven of our countless sins, and that He would lead us into a “Abundant Life!”


He has kept that promise for me!




the pilgrim



You can have an Abundant life………

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The rest of the workshop went great and we had a great time shooting a lot of fantastic subject sin great light!  Before I get to the title of the blog let me share some favorites!




Thanks Capt. Moffatt!


Now what I can’t pull the trigger on????  Today I bubble wrapped all my old Nikon lenses to send them off to sell!!!  Couldn’t do it, unwrapped, them put them back in the bags and back on the shelf, just too much history there to say good bye.   I haven’t shot with a Nikon for over three years, but I did for 43 years, guess I just wanted to know they are still on the shelf!  I love the X system, no problems there, just can’t say goodbye.




the pilgrim