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I addressed the terrible shooting in Newtown, a few weeks ago, and I just received this from a  friend this morning.  It sheds new light on all the violence, I think it is worth some thought.  It may be that guns are not what needs to be banned!


In every documented school shooting since 1992, 78 instances, every single shooter, every one, was either on a controlled substance or coming off of one, this is the list:












Now all of these medications have their place and have helped patients who need them, but if people that are on these medications, that need to be kept away from guns, not law abiding, careful citizens.


Talk to your representatives!




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After several months of using the D600, I’m more and more impressed with the camera!  I am finding myself recommending it more and more, and here is 5 reasons why:


1.  The 24.3 mega pixel sensor is outstanding both in terms of sharpness, resolution, and color. The metering and White Balance systems work beautifully with it!


2.  In spite of the fact that it is a FX sensor of such high mega pixels (35mm film size) it has extremely low noise even at high ISOs like 3200 and 6400.  It’s truly amazing how clean the files are!


3. Along with the D7000 it is the quietest camera I’ve ever heard for a DSLR!  There is very little  shake when the mirror cycles! It just sounds perfect, even when firing at 5.5 frames per second.


4.  Just like the three bears story, when you hold it in your hands it’s just right!  Not too big, not too small, it feels just right!  Enough heft to say quality, low enough weight to ease your shoulder in and all day shoot!


5.  Motionless remote shooting with the  ML-L3 remote!!!!  This is a big deal when you consider how these many mega pixels test your steadiness!


The D800 is “the” monster hi res camera, and for those that want the ultimate in detal, it still reins king, but the D600 does not lag very far behind, and is a joy to use, turst me the images you will get are something to behold!




the pilgrim



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The news this week is all about Lance Armstrong and his finally admitting to taking performance enhancing drugs after years of denial. It’s bad enough that he took the drugs, it’s worse that he lied for all these years, but even worse that he ruined the lives of others that tried to get at the truth while he was denying it.  What is it about us humans, that we will do almost anything to get attention, to be praised, honored, to have fame??!!  I was once guilty of being obsessed with getting attention and respect. I understand the need, I don’t understand sacrificing anything to get it.


Some years ago a sports team that I followed and loved, lost a game on a  last second shot.  I exploded with anger.  After I calmed down my wife ask me who was the champion two years before?  I didn’t know, two years later it didn’t matter, it probably didn’t matter three months later, but yet I was acting like it was the end of the world.  As I said that was some years ago, in recent years I’ve come to understand that following sports can really be fun because, in the end, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change anything about life, it’s just a game.


I don’t think God minds us enjoying sports, and games, but I feel certain He doesn’t want them to rule our lives, He doesn’t want anything to rule our lives accept Him!  I wish Lance had admitted his actions when he was first asked about them.  I would have admired him more for that, than all those trophies.


What price are we willing to pay for things that, in the end, don’t matter anyway?




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All jobs are jobs, but all jobs have their up side!   Saturday and Sunday I got to do one of , my favorite assignments, I spoke each day for the great folks at the Wilderness Wildlife Weekend in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  The folks that come to these events are really special, they a re down to earth, and love photography, and always how great appreciation for my programs, I guess we really love those that love us back!


What really impresses me is how secure most of the folks are in who they are, just regular folks, that are kind and compassionate.  A great group to find myself hanging out with. As I prepare for my future, it is my goal to do that almost every day I can!  We are given choices in life and we need to choose those things that work for us.  God doesn’t want us to live in misery, and we don’t have to.


I’ve found a simple formula; trust God, read His word, listen for His voice, and Obey.  If you do He will lead you to the kinds of days I spent Saturday and Sunday!!




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