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This Christmas I’m thankful for many miracles, the coming of a Savior who changed our lives, and the blessings of this life.  Family, friends, faith, and the joy of being a photographer.  Brian Stefl and his family stopped though Corbin, and had breakfast with Stephen Hart, Wesley and I and then I got this wonderful Christmas Card from him and his wife Carrie!  It just reminded me of the greatest joy, people like him, and Jim Begley, Jim Haverstock, Richard Small, Jack Graham, Carl Turner, Snake, and Chuck, Raymond, Ted, Ron, Susan, and Lynn, Don, well you get it, lots and lots of great people that make this life, here worth while!


Then there is the new lives that join us!  We welcome into this world Olivia, born to John and Sarah Walrath.  They are blessed this Christmas.



The next blessing I’m enjoying this Christmas season is a renewed love for photography! Retiring has helped me focus on the more pure aspect of seeing, searching and enjoying the process.  The switch to a lighter system has lifted my spirits as well!  I’m loving the freedom it brings!


Merry Christmas,


the pilgrim


December 26th –   Gearing Up for 2014!


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Thanks for riding along with me this past year, I promise to do my best to keep it interesting, and inspiring in the year to come, enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,

I’ll be back the 26th!




the pilgrim

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O.K. pull up a chair and let me take one more swing at making my point.  It is the season of peace and joy, and my remarks have not contributed to peace or joy, or so says my wife.  We went to church this morning and I was continuing to grumble and she let me know, in no uncertain terms, she was tired of it, and would like to move on to Christmas in peace.  Got it, she’s right, so this is my last attempt to clear the air and then I will in fact move on to better, more pleasant subjects….


Let me share with you what, about all this,  that got me so exercised.  On the second day after the Duck Dynasty thing blew up, I was obsessed with hearing what all the news channels had to say about it, (big mistake)!  I know I don’t have to tell you that I’m a born again, evangelical, politically conservative, Christian. That being said, the one TV news outlet that I never watch, because their take on the world is 180 degrees polar opposite from mine, is MSNBC.  When I turned over to see what they had to say, two commentators were discussing the issue.  To be honest, they were being pretty even handed about Phil Robertson’s right to say whatever he believes, (free speech issue), but I nearly fell out of my chair when they said, “This is and example of extreme hate speech.”  I find this to be beyond comprehension!


So as I see it, this is what happened.  Phil Robertson did and interview with GQ magazine. During that interview he was asked if he thought being gay was a sin.  He should have said, and I quote,  “According to my faith, God says it is.”  He did say that but he added some descriptions and his opinion about why would a man would prefer another man versus a woman in some rather graphic terms.  But essentially he simply answered the question and said, yes in God’s eyes, it is.  The MSNBC translation is, “if you say something we don’t agree with or don’t won’t to hear, it’s Hate Speech.”


The Christian faith is based on the belief that there is a God, and He loves us above all else.  He loved us so much that He sent His Only Son to serve as an example for us, and then died on a cross to pay the debt of our sins.  Our faith teaches that there is no other way to receive forgiveness than to accept Him, repent, and ask for His forgiveness.  If I suggest to a sinner, (keep in mind that I am a fully confessed, but forgiven, sinner myself),  that all they have to do to be forgiven is confess to God, repent, (which means turn away from that sin), and receive His forgiveness.  How is that hate speech?  Wouldn’t that be Love Speech??!!


If you do not believe in God, and if you do not believe that anything written in the bible applies to you, I can understand your rejecting what I’ve said here.  But even if you think I am wrong and I’m believing in a fairy tale, why would my, in good faith, trying to help you, be hate speech?  Wouldn’t I be just kindly, mis-guided


I don’t know much about what happens on MSNBC or TV shows that depict the gay lifestyle, because I don’t watch them.  Since I’m not interested in what they portray, I simply don’t go there.  If someone thought I was a fool for believing as I do why wouldn’t they just avoid people like me.  This is my point.  An atheist organization hung up a billboard in New York that said who needs Christ in Christmas?  If you don’t believe there is a god, why would you waste your time poking your finger in the eyes of those that do?


I’ll tell you why, because the agenda is being driven in the spiritual realm.  The opposing forces to God, (and I’m not talking about human beings), are encouraging the culture war. Nothing would serve the enemy more than to turn us against each other, and deepen our hatred for each other’s actions and beliefs.  Jesus said love your enemy and pray for them.  Can you see how this attitude defeats evil?  I was too quick to try and defend myself, I should have been calmer and recognized where the criticism came from.  Let’s have the kind of Christmas God meant for us to have, starting with confessing our sins and accepting Him, and then forgiving those that have hurt or harmed us.  Their is no hate in loving others and praying for them.


Merry Christmas,


the pilgrim



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The image above sorta gives one view of the 2013 Christmas Season.  After an entire day of coverage on television yesterday of the Phil Robertson saga, the Obamacare debacle, NSA wiretaps, frightening Benghazi revelations, Iran’s Nuclear weapons program, and the sheer, unadulterated, panic in Washington as they realize the American public may have come out of their collective coma, and see what is being done to them, I would like to offer some suggestions for your Christmas list and New Year’s resolutions!



Demand that your Cable Company drop A&E or block it on your Dish or Direct TV Box.



Cancel plans for vacations to Disney World or the California Magic Kingdom (Disney is a major stock holder in A&E), and be sure to tell them why you’re canceling.  Just for the record, Disney has made previous major stands for the LGBT community, and bashed the Baptist church for their scripture based views.  But hey, have a Magical Day!



Buy Duck Commander Duck Calls as gifts for everyone on your Christmas list, no matter whether thy hunt or not.  Throw in a poster or coffee mug from Duck Dynasty too! Go by Walmart and clean them out of Duck Dynasty merchandise, trust me you can double your money!



Buy and wear a Duck Dynasty hat or T-Shirt.  Tell everyone who asks that you are standing with Phil and his family!



Write President Obama and demand he instruct the IRS to harass A&E with audits, delaying applications, and denial of tax status requests.  * (never mind, that’s ridiculous, that would be illegal!  Our President would never do a thing like that!  What was I thinking, targeting groups someone doesn’t agree with, never mind???!!!)



Go to local merchants who hire gay and lesbian people and demand they release them from employment because you find their beliefs repugnant.  * (Once again that is ridiculous, I mean would ESPN let someone go for saying a quarterback was being propped up in the press because he was black??!!  No wait a minute, they did do that!!  O.K., would a company fire a guy because he said he was Pro Life!!!  No wait a minute that just happened, saw it on Fox News this morning. This is confusing?  Do some research and see if you can find any example of someone being fired from their job because they were; Pro Abortion, Pro LGBT, a member of the Communist party, or anti Israel.  Come to think of it is it o.k. slander a Christian, or a Church?)




When Duck Dynasty returns to the air, on another network, set your DVR to tape every episode, turn all your TVs to that channel for each broadcast to make sure the ratings sky rocket!  Help us make A&E look like the idiots they are for ever firing the first shot in this culture war!




Build a live manger scene in the back of your pick up truck or better yet a flat bed trailer and pull it all over town parking it, legally, with a plugged meter in front of every government building in your region!  One hour per site.  See how long it takes for the ACLU to show up.  * (You’ve lost it young man, what are you thinking, honoring Christ at Christmas…..)




Donate toys and food to a local church or shelter, in the name of Phil Robertson.




Donate money to any organization that is actively standing up for the legal rights of Christians.




Study the voting records of all your Senators and Representatives, state legislature members and the Governor of your state, and in the next election reward them for their stands, or send them packing if they do not represent your interests and beliefs. 




Please know that I have many gay friends, and I love them with Christ’s love, I do not judge them. As Phil said that is God’s job, not mine.  According to the teachings of my faith they are living in sin, but then I’m a sinner as well.  I have and continue to ask for God’s forgiveness for my sins, what others do is their decision, but my life is about encouraging others to get right with God.


In the spirit of Christmas I am suggesting and offering a truce with those who’s views I oppose and who oppose my views.  I think the Liberal, Progressive groups have one thing exactly right, let us be tolerant, and non judgmental of each other’s differences.  You’re right, I’m fully in, but in fairness, you start first…….



………and for a little Christmas cheer enjoy the video below!


You may have to copy and paste this link into your browser!



IMPORTANT NOTE:  It has been brought to my attention that products with the tag line Duck Dynasty are actaully benefitting A&E, Duck Commander products directly benefit the Robertsons!  Just thought you might want to know!!!




the pilgrim