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I woke up this morning to a beautiful sight as the light streamed into my bedroom window in Oshkosh.  I groggily  made my way to the couch in my bedroom and sat down to stare at the light, after a few moments I got my iPhone and made this image.  I was struck by one of Charles Stanley’s Life Principles to Live By, Number Nine, “Trusting God means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees.”


I love airplanes and I enjoy the airplane photographers but this is the end of a very long run.  I feel sorta like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day when he had to live the same day over and over.  My life as a Tech Rep is sorta like that, same stuff in a different city, day after day, week after week, month after month.  Just when you say why God, can’t I get off the merry go round, something happens that allows you to see what God sees.  I had an old friend drop by this morning and as God arranged it, the media center fell deadly quiet for about a half hour.  He shared with me that he had lost his son to a motorcycle accident some time back.  We shared deeply about life, his loss, and God’s good ministering to him.  If I had not been in the media center alone, when he came in, we would have never had such a meaningful conversation.  I know he ministered to me, and I think God used me to minister to him.  I’m pretty certain that is why I was in Oshkosh today.


So God does have a plan, and even when we can’t see it or understand, even when we are not too happy about it, it doesn’t prevent Him from making it come to pass.  I think my prayer should be, “Father, please let me see the light come through the window every day you want me to be where you placed me, and keep my heart focused on you, and keep me willing and ready to serve  you.  Thank you for working with me even when I can’t see the forest for the trees….”  Amen


the pilgrim

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On my way up to Milwaukee today I saw a great set of grain elevators, actually a few hundred grain elevators!  These were very high detailed so I pulled off the road, killed the engine, ran up the ISO to 800 so I could get a really fast shutter speed, ( 1/2000th of a second ), and squeezed off a shot.  I converted it to Black and White to accentuate the sharpness and then zoomed into 100% on the original file.  My goal was to settle in my mind that you could get a super sharp image hand held.


The answer with a high enough shutter speed and good technique?   I think is yes!


Your thoughts????


the pilgrim


Technical Details:   D800, ISO 800, 1/2,00oth of a second at f 6.3.   Nikon 24-120 AF-S VRF f 4 lens, set at 120mm and with VR turned on.

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I drove up to Milwaukee today on my way to Oshkosh in the morning for the big Air Show.  I had a burger at one of my favorite chain places, Steak & Shake, and then headed on up the road.  Approaching West Liberty, Indiana, I saw a road sign for a place that claimed to be the best burger anywhere!  I wasn’t hungry but I couldn’t pass up that challenge so I got off the interstate and drove the 3 miles into town.


Triple XXX Family Restaurant is just that a great old place that got  it’s name from a local favorite root beer Triple  XXX which they still serve today.  The establishment opened in 1929 and the sign says “We were here before your mother was born!”  It was listed by USA Today as the “Best Burger in Indiana”, in their story on the 50 best burgers in America.  They were also featured on the Food Network show, Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives.    They have the distinction of being the oldest drive-on in Indiana!


O.K. I know what your thinking, why is he putting off the rating??!!  Actually, I really loved this place, the people were great, very friendly, it had the perfect atmosphere for a burger and I love the history, but…….  the burger was not what I had hoped for.  Don’t get me wrong it was a good burger, just not a great burger.  Why?  First the meat was pretty thin, I should have ordered the triple paddy, that would have helped a lot.  Second, they used Miracle Whip (salad dressing) instead of mayo.  I love Miracle Whip on certain sandwiches, but not burgers, (admittedly a personal thing.)  The bun was fine, and the fries average.  But hey I would go back, though I might not be welcome after this less than glowing review!  I have to say they were very nice folks, it’s just that a lot of people out there have raised the level of the great burgers you can find today.  So I would say a 3.8 out of 5, not bad, just not in the top 25 or so top burgers.  But hey, really nice folks!


the pilgrim


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What a blessing to call Ricky Skaggs a friend!  I did a project for Nikon several years ago and it put Ricky and I into contact, and as is always the case with brothers in the Lord, we became fast friends. The other day Ricky had a birthday and my son Wes  saw it in the Lexington paper, so I just wanted to take a moment to wish Ricky a good one!  I also wanted to take a moment to thank God for the great friends He has surrounded me with!  This mornings devotional in, In Touch spoke of Paul’s  last messages and how he spoke of those friends that stood by him.  It reminded me how fortunate we are to have those people in our lives that are our best friends.  I count Chuck Summers and Jim Begley as two men that God has placed in my life to help me, and guide me, what a burden that must be, I need a lot of help!  Many others are on that short list,  but from fear of leaving someone out, you guys and gals know who you are, I won’t start a list here.  Needless to say it is a great blessing when God gives us such riches, friends.


A friend is more than an acquaintance, a friend is there with you, for you, in prayer for you, ready to council you, or just listen!  A friend is someone you can trust, and believe in.  If a friend lets you down it is the last thing they would ever want to do! I’m truly blessed, but more important, I want to try to be a friend to others, only with God’s strength can we ever do that.


Father give me Your wisdom, Your love, Your steadfastness, as I attempt to be a friend to those that have blessed and honored me with their friendship!


the pilgrim