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Nikon users have been fond of speaking about the “Holy Trinity” a term I have an issue with, on  a faith basis, but, o.k. back to the point.  The Nikon gang is completely right, the 14-24, 24-70, and the 70-200 are the three “go to” lenses for that system.  They are exceedingly sharp, made for hard use, and cover the most useful range.   I’ve covered this before, but I’m shooting the Fuji X System in order to reduce the weight of my working bag for field use.  The image above is the system I have adopted, for now, I say for now because some more lenses are due to be released by late this year and they could re-shuffle.


Let me explain why this set of lenses, I’m about to describe, is  what I need to work for all the kinds of things I photograph.   I believe every lens kit needs four things; a wide angle lens, or zoom that allows you to stretch the area included in the frame and helps give the feeling of sweeping perspective.  Next, a mid range lens or zoom that allows a view of the scene what we think of as normal, the approximate perspective of the human eye.  Then we need a moderate telephoto or zoom that draws the subject in, and isolates it.  A telephoto also shortens perspective and draws the viewer in.  Lastly I love to shoot tight, very tight, even close-up to greater than life-size!  So I have described four different needs and I have them in the four lenses illustrated above.


For the wide angle area I have the new Fuji 10-24 f 4 OIS, it is reasonable in size, has Optical Image Stabilization and a constant f 4 maximum aperture.  I might also add,it  happens to be the sharpest wide angle zoom I’ve ever used, period.  My current mid range zoom is the 18-55  f 2.8/f4 OIS.  It is very compact and exceedingly sharp!  The best print I’ve ever made, a 3 foot by 3 foot print from the central 12 mega pixels of the 16 mega pixel X-Trans sensor, it has been mistaken, on close inspection as being from a medium format digital camera!   Now the rub is a 16-55 f 2.8 is coming soon.  I would love the extra stop of speed, and the slightly wider low end, but not sure just how big  the new lens will be, we will see!   The moderate telephoto zoom is the 55-200 f 3.5/f 4.8  also a OIS lens. It is very sharp and well made and honestly I have no complaints, but I am looking forward to the new 50-140 f 2.8 OIS (75-210 equiv.).  Once again the size and weight will be the deciding factor then.  Remember the entire reason for this switch was WEIGHT!   Lastly, I need to have a way to shoot close, currently Fuji only offers one Macro lens, a 60mm (equiv. 90mm).  It is exceptionally sharp, and has a fast f 2.4 maximum aperture.  Until something longer comes along it is working great.  I would love a 105mm Micro, but we will deal with that if it ever happens!


Now, I didn’t go through all this because I thought you might be dying to know what I own or use, no, I did it because I believe that once you settle this lens questions you can get down to business of making images.  I want everyone to know the thrill of finding things they love to photograph and then get in the zone.  That can only happen when you forget about the gear, and connect with the subject and the light!


Think about it….




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The wrenches were made with the 18-55.  Yes, this is the shot that was blown up 3X3!


Shot with the 60mm Micro.



Shot with the 55-200 lens.



Great Room in my home with the new 10-24 OIS zoom @ f16 and 10mm (15mm equiv.)

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Shoot at the Antique Archaeology Store, the Marathon Motor Works, Live performance by Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky thunder,  Canonsburg Village. Nashville by night in the river, the night lights of Nashville, portrait sessions with Ricky, all this and much more!!!  Hey guys, short one today, last year’s Nashville event was well, magical, join us this year!




the pilgrim


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Hey guys, got a very big favor to ask of you!!  Jim and I are looking at the 2015 His Light Season and I have a list of “POSSIBLE” events below.  Here is what I would love for you to do for us; fire me an email ( or make a comments on this blog entry, or shoot, even give me a call (606)-528-6119.  Many factors go into the final selection of events, but your response will be a big factor and really help!  Well it’s no harder than that, please, please, please, let us know what you think and what you might enjoy and want to attend!!!


His Light 2015 Possible Schedule of Events


January         Yosemite in Winter


February       Workflow & Image Show Production Workshop


March            Old Car City


April               Savannah, GA  –  Great Smokies  –  North Carolina Waterfalls


May                Memory Lane Americana    –    Washington D.C.


June               Palouse Region, Washington State


July                Nashville with Ricky Skaggs


August            Cass Scenic Railway


September     Nova Scotia    –   Grand Tetons/Yellowstone


October           Aspens Ouray, Colorado    –    Eastern Sierra/Bodie Ghost Town/Yosemite


November        Old Car City


December        Christmas Celebration in the Smokies  (Early Dec.)


Thanks so much for your help, and blessings,


the pilgrim

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You do know who He is, but that is not the most important question, the question is “Do you know Him?”   God doesn’t want you to “recognize Him”, everyone does that, He knows you, and He wants you to want to know Him!  Recognition is a lot different than a relationship.  A daily, moment to moment walk with Him is the key to success in life, and knowing Him will change your definition of “Success”!


God loves you, He wants only the best for you, He has your back, He knows your future, He cares more for you than you could ever understand or even imagine.  Why would anyone not want to have that kind of loving Father as their best friend?  You can’t earn it, you can’t deserve it,  you can’t win it!  A relationship with Him is greater than the biggest winning lottery ticket ever, far greater!  Having Him is the greatest prize, and it can only be given freely, from Him, to you.  The sad thing is, He is offering you and every one else this prize of the greatest value, but most walk away and never accept it.


It’s easy.  Recognize that you are lost without hope, that you have broken many of God’s laws.  Ask Him, with a sincere heart, to forgive  you, ask Him if you could belong to Him.  He has never said no, and never will, not if your request is sincere!


What are you waiting for?




the pilgrtim