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Thanks to all of you that prayed for me and my trip to Liberty University, your prayers were answered!  We had a great time with the students and members of the photo community in Lynchburg.   It has been a great time spiritually and photographically!!  So much so that I’m going back and meeting with Jim and raising the idea of a workshop here in 2015.  This is a really great place to shoot, and fantastic people to hang out with!  There are two many great stories to share in one entry so I will do that in coming weeks, but I would like to show you some of the diverse things we shot while I was here with Tim Isaacson!  Above is the Old City Cemetery and these are the grave sites for slaves killed in the Civil War fighting for both sides!  Very interesting history all around Lynchburg!   Below is one of a number of great antique shops!



Downtown Lynchburg is very historic and the old Coca Cola Plant is just one of many sites being restored, there is much to shoot right downtown!



Below several diverse shots all from the Old City Cemetery!








Thanks again for your prayers, much was accomplished for the kingdom!





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I wlll be traveling all day Tuesday and then addressing groups at Liberty University, so this will serve as my Tuesday entry.  Now a little vindication!  If I believe any website, (besides my own), that reviews cameras it is DP Review.  I’ve found them to be thorough and fair.  Thankfully they released their review of the Fuji X-T1 today and I have provided the link below.  I would encourage my readers to check out the full report especially the pages that compare noise!  I think that will settle for once and for all how superior this camera truly is, it’s rating of 84% and the Gold Award makes it among the very highest rated cameras ever by DP Review!


Enough said!  Blessings,


the pilgrim

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I went to the dentist office for an appointment at 10:00 a.m. and didn’t get called back until 10:45, then it was 11:15 before I was being seen.  O.K. they were busy, and they are very good to me, but it is time, and when you are sitting in a room alone, time seems to matter, even more.


A philosophy professor asked, “If I had the power to give you more of any one thing, what would you ask for?”




Fame or recognition?

Sex appeal?

Physical Beauty?


Then a man in his fifties, who had gone back to college, answered, and smiled knowingly, and said, “time”.


Why do wise men say “time”?  Because the more mature we become, the more we realize how much time we have wasted.   Probably seeking, money, power, recognition, etc, etc.


So what should we use our time to attain?  Ah…that’s the problem, it’s not about attaining, it’s about giving and sharing.


Last night,  Sherelene and I sat quietly on the back deck and just enjoyed the quiet together, nothing spectacular, but yet, much more than spectacular!  It finally came home to me that these kinds of times may just be the best moments of my life.  It made me think of other times that brought such deep satisfaction;


Holding a grandchild, and hearing them proclaim, “I love you papa!”


Starring into the smiling face of a friend.


Sharing how much God loves you with someone that needs to hear that!


Experiencing the tears of release when someone truly knows they are forgiven, and belong to Him!


Listening to a  stream as the water moves between and over the rocks.


Staring at the stars on a quiet night, and seeing, and knowing God’s majesty.


Holding Sherelene’s hand with her head on my shoulder.


Sipping cold water when thirst has overtaken me.


The sensation of looking through my camera’s viewfinder, and squeezing the shutter release at the perfect moment.  The sound of the shutter!


Watching the color as it rises through the sky right after the sun sets.


You get the idea, nothing that requires money, fame, or power, only recognizing the smallest yet most profound treasures in a life!  Moments that matter!


So, how are you spending your most valuable asset?  I pray it is time, well spent!




the pilgrim








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I have been a longtime, (I’m talking 45 years!!!) Popular Photography reader.  I’ve used their test evaluations, for many years, as a part of my research for new gear purchases,. but, Something crazy is going on.  Before I launch into this  discussion, I must remind you; I’ve worked in and around the photography industry for over 30 years, Having been a tech rep for Nikon, I have worked with the best of the best, and I’ve learned a great deal from them and from my own intensive study.  I also want to remind you that I’ve always (that’s always!!!) called it the way I see it.  When Canon was eating our lunch on low noise at high ISO, I sat in Nikon meetings and complained that we were way behind!!!  When the Nikon D3 was released I poured over research and personal tests comparing the noise between the D3 and the then current Canon models of that time period.  When I told my customers that the D3 and D700 were, at that time, state of the art, I knew what I was talking about.  Later when Canon re-took the lead with the 5D Mark II and then III, I called it as I saw it, again.


I’ve now read two test reports in Popular Photographer on the Fuji X-E2 and the new X-T1.  Their report on the noise in both camera is pure hogwash!!!!  O.K. let me soften my tone, whatever method they used to come up with their results, is flawed.  If the Fuji X cameras had just so so High ISO performance, I would not have bought into that system, and I can tell you from real world tests, and side by side comparison, the Fuji X cameras (Fuji X100, X-E1, X-E2, X100s, and the X-T1 are among the very best noise performance cameras on the market all the way up to, and including ISO 6400.  I know because I shoot them at those High ISOs and I can see the difference.  Here is the just published result from their test of the X-T1.



Once again I do not know how they conduct their tests, they may turn off all noise processing in the camera and then get these results, but my experience with the normal factory default settings for noise reduction in the camera would yield a Low Noise Rating all the way to 3200 and only barely a moderate at 6400.  Above that the noise is shockingly low, but certainly apparent.  I’VE SEEN THEIR TESTS ON CANON AND NIKON CAMERAS AND FEEL THEY ARE PRETTY ACCURATE, AT LEAST AS A COMPARISON OF THOSE TWO BRANDS.  So what”s up???


When I had to go to a lighter system, I chose the Fuji X-System because of the image quality and a big factor was the extremely low noise.  I shoot this stuff every day and can tell you these figures are very misleading…..  Nough’ said……  My opinion, take it for what it’s worth!


At Photoshop World a gentleman asked me a good question after one of my programs, and I thought I would like to share my answer with you too.


Question:  If you could still carry bigger DSLRs and heavier camera bags, what would you be using today?


I have very high regard for two specific camera systems; Nikon and Canon.  I like the Canon 5D Mark III and have seen some outstanding images come out of that camera, but I don’t know a great deal about their lenses, so I know I would still be a Nikon shooter if I could carry them.  I personally still own a D700 and a D7000.  If I was shooting Nikon today, I think I would own the D3s (happened to be my favorite pro Nikon), and the D800e.  the D800e for the ultimate in resolution, and for video, and the D3s as the speed, rugged, everyday camera. Why not the D4 or D4s?  Every camera makes images that have their own “look”, that is one reason I’m shooting the Fuji X System, I love their look!!  I liked the D3s look better than the models that came later, just personal preference.  I don’t think the difference in 12 and 16 mega pixels is a big deal, at least not for me.



Question:  What lenses would you be using?


This is a, “it depends” question.  I currently own a full system of 1970′-80’s AIS manual focus Nikkors; 24mm, 25-50, 55 Micro, 50-135, 105 Micro, 105 f 2.5, 80-200 (several f 4.5 & f4), 300mm f 4.5, and 400mm f 3.5 and a TC-14B.  For stationary subjects, which is 95% of what I shoot,  I like the manual focus glass better.  If I was using the AF glass it would be  14-24 (big as a Buick), 24-120 f 4, 70-200 AFS f,4, and the 80-400 AFS-f 4.5-5.6. (but I don’t own any of that glass anymore).  When I worked for Nikon I kept hoping for a 24-105 f 2.8 VR, but it never came, and you can’t use something that doesn’t exist!!!


Do I miss the Nikon system?


Sure, just like I miss my 30’s and 40’s!




the pilgrim