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I”m a member of the inaugural class of the baby boomers, I was born in February of 1946,  As such I”m among the leaders of the coming parade of retires!  I take my responsibilities seriously so I would like to share with those that will soon join me, some thoughts three months in!!!!


Jump in!!  The water is fine!  I do however have some strong recommendations!


1.  Life is not about you, so, get on with finding a way to put an emphasis on others!!!

Many of us had jobs that put us in positions of power or prestige, the day you retire that evaporates!  If you are still holding on to that to make you feel o.k. overnight a huge void will descend on you!  Don’t let that happen, start now redirecting the emphasis of your life!

Ask God for His help, He already has a plan for your life, maybe it’s time to ask Him what His plans are for you!  Life is actually better without the power of the old job!!!!!  Grace beats power every time!


2.  Learn to relax!!!!  Most of your life there have been schedules to meet, planes to catch, emails to answer, calls to return, and reports to file, ( lots of reports)!!!!  Thankfully a lot of that is about to end, or at least slow way, way down!  So, if you’re addicted to busy, embrace relaxing!  Don’t get me wrong, retirement is still busy, just not with someone looking over your shoulder!!!!!   Learn to embrace being free from all the old tug a wars of the working life!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you feel better!


3.  Learn playing with the toys you have!!!  Part of the working life is, sadly, the acquisition of more and more toys!  As a photographer, I couldn’t live without the newest, latest technology, now I’m learning I can enjoy my craft without buying every new toy to come along!!!  I started “stocking up”,  with  my key needs before “retirement day” arrived.  Since I have less to spend it’s o.k., I was prepared!!!!  


4.  Spend more “quality” time with family and friends!  When I was still with Nikon I often thought my relationships felt like drive by shootings, now I’m experiencing the real joy of a relaxed relationship with Sherelene, the kids and grand kids!  When you think about it, they were the ones you worked to benefit, now you can benefit them with your time and attention!


5.  Make a list of goals.  I would suggest they include, things you want to do, see, learn, understand, and experience.  Don’t forget to start by asking God how you can serve Him!!!  Write a mission statement, mine is simple;


“Give God every day, try to leave every person and situation better off than before I came into their lives or state of affairs.  Always remember, we are all God’s children, and they He gave His Son for each of them!  Help me to forgive as freely as I’ve been forgiven!  I hope to bring smiles and laughter into the lives of others!  May God get the glory for anything good that comes out of my life!”


6.  Be thankful!!!  You have probably lived an incredible life, be thankful for it!


7.  Take some naps, have some ice cream, shoot some great images, and live a full life every day you wake up on this side of the grass!!!!


Enjoy your retirement……




The pilgrim

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Not from this trip, but I still love what the X100s can do with single color filters!!!!!


I got back from the Black Hills and the Badlands at 1:00 a.m. this morning, it’s great to be home!  I have to say my week in South Dakota was wonderful, while I missed home, I had a wonderful shooting week!  I took what I was afraid might be a big risk on this trip, I went with only my Fuji system, no Nikons!!!!  My health has been so much better not carrying a heavy system, and I simply wanted to have fun. Let me me be very clear, I love my Nikon bodies and lenses, I’ve always had complete confidence in them, I just have gotten to where I really suffer if I carry all 25 pounds in a shoulder bag or back pack!  In a way, this was the ultimate test of the Fuji gear, would I come home and say I made a mistake???  I won’t keep you in suspense, I had one of the best shooting weeks of my life!  Would the Nikons have done well, I’m sure they would have, but they still would have weighed almost 25 pounds,  the 7 pounds of the Fuji X system was a lot better for my back and energy level!


What do I gain with the Fuji System:


The fun factor, I simply really enjoy shooting with it!


The  color in the files, Fuji really has a very good handle on color, and I get spectacular jpegs right out of the camera!


The lens quality is spectacular!!!  (admittedly the Nikkors are also pretty wonderful!!) The good news is I don’t  loose anything with the Fujinon glass.


What is the downside?


The D800 would have made bigger, more information rich, files, and that’s about it!!!!!


For such a small difference my back is thanking me for my decision……


Here are some of my favorite shots!


And my favorite again……..



All in all, I’m very happy with the outcome of the experiment!




the pilgrim




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I will be on planes all day tomorrow so I won ‘t be able to post so I thought I would get ahead today!!!  I found a field of fire trucks on my way back to Spear Fish today from Sturgis.  I will share those images with you, but first a couple of wrap up points from this week in South Dakota;


1.  Some of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time.  The Black Hills Shoot Out group was very warming and welcoming, I really enjoyed my time with them!!  The team; Jason, Nicole, Les, Chad, Jerry, and the rest of the gang were all great!  Thanks guys for inviting me to your fantastic event!


2.  Thanks to all my brothers and sisters that prayed for my Friday night program. The Holy Spirit really showed up!!!  He gets all the credit and glory!!!


3.  Jack Graham and I are teaching a sold out Ohio workshop week after next, but we still have some space in  the Death Valley trip  November 7th-12th, it will be a small group and should be a great trip!!  Please consider joining us, you can contact Jack at:    Jack Graham



And Number 4.  We are definitely coming back to South Dakota in the future!!!!!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:   Fuji X-E1, 14mm, 18-55, 55-200.

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Thanks for your prayers, my talk at the Black Hills Shootout last night went great, wonderful group!!  Thanks to Jim Begley who shot me a song I needed for my last image synch!!  Thanks Jim!   This morning I wanted to sleep in but the trip up to Spear Fish Canyon sounded too inciting!  I needed to scout this area for potential shooting locations for a future workshop.  The trip was lead by Chad Coppess who I knew really knows this regain, he is the South Dakota tourism photographer.  It was a good call and this gorgeous canyon will definitely be on the to do list when we come to South Dakota!  Hope you enjoy the images, it was 31 degrees and my thumbs took an hour to thaw out!!!!



I think it is safe to say we’ve got a winner here in Spear Fish Canyon!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Fuji X-E1, 18-55 and 14 f 2.8 lenses